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I've heard about enough but never quite figured out what it was all about. Easy, EZ, Eezee, and the list goes on. Somehow I think this particular Izzy's was not the one I had heard about. Izzy's Cafe opened last November in Northpoint, Midvalley. Nestled in between the two buildings, it has a lot of natural light and a real sense of space. A glossy red bar greets you at the entrance and you will most likely be seated by one of the proprietors of the place. This place has the makings of a club house for the offices around here.

The single A4 lunch menu will elimnate any stressful decision-making. There are four Malaysian dishes and several Italian-skewed dishes to choose from. I ordered nasi lemak with sambal sotong, kari ayam and rendang. It was $14.50++ for a combination of two and $17.50 for all three. Being kiasu, of course I ordered all three. It was a tiny helping so if you are looking for a light lunch, look no further than nasi lemak! Two cubes of beef, one piece of chicken and slivers of sotong. Everything was tasty. The beef was fragrant and tender, the chicken was pleasant and the sotong was spicy with a hint of sweetness. For that price, I expect a little "wow" thrown in. Hunky's caesar salad ($18++) was a substantial portion with a perfect poached egg and grilled chicken resting above greens. Lem had ordered nasi ayam ($16++) that came with soup that tasted, "too sweet to be true" as she took another sip just to be sure. The fried chicken tasted of margerine which wasn't all bad when you combine it with the rice and kicap.

Overall it was pleasant. It is essentially a more upmarket cafe. As long as the prices don't change and they continue to serve simple food, I think it will do well with the crowd around here. Although the space and bar has potential for more "upmarket" food. If they do, I hope they stop serving $5++ instant ice lemon tea. Thats just freaking lazy.


  1. That was very quick of you. Coincidentally I walked past this place recently and checked out the menu too. Was planning to revert one day to try the food so yr review will definitely be handy for me.

  2. The nasi lemak portion would be like snack or appetiser for me.

  3. Because I am kiasuuu! Hahaha... Nolah,it was purely coincedental. It belong's to Lem's friend which is why we were there. Otherwise wild horses couldn't drag me to Midvalley! *shudder*. I agree with you Tummythoz. It was such a teaser. Nasi lemak is something I want to eat and eat until I can't see my feet...


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