Soree? Oh Swah-ray!

I can't believe I've lost my pictures to this post! They've disappeared!
Its rather unfortunate that the logo of Soiree makes it look like Sories from a far. I'm so sorrys., Soiree is only two month's old and the latest arrival on the quiet neighbourhood of Jalan Damai. We decided to sit in the garden up front which has a lovely big tree that towers over the deck where the tables were. I would advise that you sit in the garden or on the patio because the inside is not very cosy. They have not done very much to the interior. I'm guessing that maybe they haven't finished because it would be a shame if they don't as the house has so much potential.
The chef hails from Bon Ton/Top Hat so there is no surprise at the similarities in the menu. There is a good variety of Western favourites and a smattering of Asian dishes in the form of rice platters. The three of us ordered a platter each from the Asian menu. I ordered the Malasie platter that came with basmati rice, sotong sambal, kerabu pucuk paku, fried chicken and pumpkin curry. While the sotong sambal and pumpkin curry were quite flat, the kerabu pucuk paku was simply divine. It had a slightly charred taste which was very unusual but it was delicious nonetheless. I did not enjoy the fried chicken at all. It wasn't very tasty but it was the texture that really put me off. It was very soft and almost slimey. Nasty chicken meat. 1 out of 4 makes my platter uninspiring. I had to use the flash on my camera which resulted in some pretty crappy pictures.
Hunky and Dween's platters were similarly uninspiring. I was too full to have dessert but Hunky had a lemon delicious pudding and Dween has coconut pancakes. The lemon pudding had a lovely fluffy texture but the sweetness was too intense for me. The coconut pancakes were very thick and stodgy but the caramelised grated coconut was lovely, fragrant and not too sweet. On the plus side, the portions are very generous. And the friendly service and ambience really saved the meal because although we were less than impressed with our food, the sound of leaves rustling in the night and flicker of scented candles lifted our moods.
There is also a spa somewhere in that big house. Perhaps this is more a place where you would come for a massage and have something light to eat with a couple of drinks. Anyway, who knew Jalan Damai would turn into a little haven for restaurants. If Bukit Bintang is Little Arab, then Jalan Damai must be Saudi Arabia Junior. We noticed a stylo-mylo Japanese restaurant up the road from Soiree that Hunky has promised to take me to. Yay!


  1. Sounds like a nice place. Is this near Vila Manja or Rahsia?

  2. Gosh, you're rite there seems to be a flurry of places here - must explore this area one day but strangely enough all the restaurants are mainly doing Asian food here.

    Is that Jap place Hajme or Fukuya? Heard good things abt Fukuya.

  3. Hi LL, it is at Vila Manja itself. Was is a different restaurant there before?

    Boo, the Jap restaurant is Hajime. Looks damn gaya from the outside. Just about to blog about Fukuya!

  4. paprika: I used to go to Vila Manja before they had a restaurant. The massages are great there! We once did a bridal shower at Vila Manja. So cool!

  5. the stylo mylo jap rest on damai is Hajime. totally excellent japanese place! best service ever. the cold noodle dishes are must-tries, as are their inside-out rice rolls.


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