Zipangu, 24 Oct 2005

Had dinner with the family last night at Zipangu. I've been going there quite often ever since Gary got the prestige card. I only go because of the discount really and because the damn foie gras with wintermelon is spine-tinglingly good! I can tell you its the second cheapest foie gras in town after Noble House (the chinaman's Frangipani) in Imbi. Admittedly, it was slightly overcooked last night but it was still yummy. My other favourite dish is the tofu salad. Cold blocks of tofu on a bed of crisp greens with diced century egg and 3 sauces. Spicy, tangy and savoury. Delicious. Apart from that, the menu is pretty ordinary. Think next time I will try the wagyu dishes. I had the fried rice with wagyu fat before (Ya like chee yau char but ngau yau char instead!). It was disappointing. Still tasted like garlic fried rice to me! Not worth the extra kilos! Think I was somehow expecting it to have a more smokey flavour, like prosciutto. Mmmm. Oh, the foie gras fried rice is also better at Noble House. But hey I can't complain. Turns out Duvei is friends with the manager there so he gave us quite a few freebies. Can't complain when its free innit?


  1. ShanghaiMeow11:53 am

    One of my fav places in KL.


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