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I feel like a lizard that has melted onto the rock I am too hot to move from. This heat is unbearable. Even with the ac on, I still feel sticky, uncomfortable and warm. Its days like this I wish I had a nice crispy chilled green salad to tuck into. Since it was too hot to venture out, I settled for a kon lo mee instead. How close is that to a salad? As close as a duck is to a tiger.

I was looking through some food shots I snapped with my phone and came across this one of a salad I had at Delicious by Ms.Read. Does anyone know if its miss reed or misread? Anyway, its one of the things I really like on the menu when I am patient enough to tolerate the inefficient service to dine there. Okay, having said that, the last time I went, it wasn't too bad. The time before that, they managed to forget a few of our orders and when questioned , nicely, an apology would've sufficed but instead we got some grandmother story about mix-ups, being busy, the plumbing, motorbike accident (ok I'm exaggerating but you get the picture!), blah blah blah blaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! Who cares?

Back to my salad - grilled prawn and calamari salad. Although the first time I had it, it was definitely grilled shrimp not prawn. But you know, it was so crisp and nicely chilled that I didn't care really. The dressing is super tangy. My guess is fish sauce, sugar, calamansi and lemongrass dressing. Maybe some kaffir lime too. It is indeed delicious. Must make it myself this weekend. My second favourite thing would be the decadent french toast with grilled bananas and beef bacon. Its not real bacon but its better than most of the crap they serve you at major hotels. All in all, it definitely gives Alexis something to worry about. You know why? Because the short latte (rm6.90++) in Delicious is still taller than the normal latte (rm9.00++) at Alexis.


  1. Hey Paprika you sound so spicy! Thanks for inspiring me to have a salad today. I think I will settle for a cold cucumber one. Looks like another hot day today!


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