Laksam & Pancakes

So lunch was laksam ( we are featuring Kelantanese dishes for last week of ramadan) and solok lada. The laksam was utterly divine. Freshly made rice noodle rolls with chopped vegetables in a creamy coconut & minced fish gravy. Mm mmm! It was so appetising, clean and yet rich at the same time. Sista had two bowls! Such a pig! We also devoured some solok lada which is green chillies stuffed with grated coconut & fish. Yea its a coconut & fish theme so far... Relatively healthier than deepfried yong tau foo. Relatively... I didn't think I could fit anymore food in after the scrummelicious lunch I had. Evidently, I was wrong. Also had delicious pancakes at El Cerdo (porkielicious goodness!). Rum & raisin pancake and banana & chocolate pancake. Fluffy pancakes with a crisp golden sugared crust. Mmmmmm...


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