Lo Hei!

In the week coming up to the new year, I have gained half a kilo according to my scales in KL. In Ipoh, I weigh 1.5 kilos more. I blame it on the limestone caves. I know there is some strange and mysterious force that is pulling on the needle of the scales. It has been endless 10-course family dinners, food tastings at the restaurants and pms cravings. Deadly combination I tell you what.
Lo hei, lo hei! I've always liked yee sang. Whats not to like right? Its a crispy, sweet and tangy salad! The yee sang at Imbi Palace has been the best so far. And the pig is pretty good too. Crispy, thin, flavourful slivers of roasted suckling pig. Mmmm, delicious, worth every pound put on. I also had good pork rib at Equatorial. Can’t remember the name of the Chinese restaurant there. Anyway, the dinner was quite forgettable apart from the pork rib. Pan-fried and soaked in magic soy sauce. Crispy on the outside, moist on the inside. Mmmmm....
So here I am, in Ipoh, the heat steaming the fat out of my pores (I wish!). Countless sms have streamed through since early this morning. All bearing good tidings for the new year. One thing is for sure, its going to be barking mad! Get it? Bark…Dog? Nevermind. The bitch better be good to me.
Ipoh is like how I remember it to be. Hot, flat, fattening. It never rains this time of the year in Ipoh. The air is still and heavy. The nights are dark and falls like a thick velvet cloak. I have lived with light pollution in KL for so long that I find this darkness unsettling. Last night, my mum made me get the car. I couldn’t even see the car until I got closer. I couldn’t see the grass from the leaves. I just had to tread carefully in case there was dog poo. But you know being Chinese, that would’ve meant good luck. So guess my luck ain’t great. No poo and I got to the car alright. Backing up the garden into the driveway was another story!


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