Roti John Tambah Lemak Boss!

I had roti john for dinner. I’ve only recently discovered it. Fried egg, minced chicken, mayo and chilli sauce in a hot dog bun is not the first thing I’d think of eating. However, it was made by one of my staff so I decided to give it a go. I think zapping it in the microwave was not a very bright idea. When I picked it up, mayo, chilli sauce and all the other fatness came oozing out like a big fat zit that was popped. If only I could squeeze the fat out of me that easily. Sigh* Anyway, it wasn’t too bad. I’d definitely eat it again when I feel like something tacky. Its one of those pms-craving-type of food. And since I hadn't had enough fat for the day, sista and I went to Frangipani for dessert. Of course we didn't share one dessert! I had a deliciously smooth creme brulee with a drizzle of lychee syrup and thick, velvety lavender scented chocolate pudding. The calories don't really count because I had it with coffee and coffee is really a fat burner because really thin people drink lots of coffee so coffee obviously makes you thin? Yea tomorrow I am going to the gym.


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