Post Climb Makan in KK

I know its been many weeks since my last post. I've been busy getting married! Not sure whether I'll be blogging about that. I will say that it was a wonderful wedding that went by too quickly. If only we could stretch time. Sigh... Anyway, found these pictures in my phone so thought I ought to blog about it before I start my London posts. 

After our climb we checked into Le Meridien where my other two hens were waiting. We had a very fresh seafood dinner near the waterfront. I think what stayed in my mind more was the breakfast we had on our last day at a coffeeshop nearby. After two days of canteen-buffet-type thing on the mountain, it was nice to see other a different variety of dishes that didn't include sweet sour fish, fried rice and fried mee hoon. Between the four us we tried the house special fried noodles, beef and offal soup noodles and waht tahn mee. Everything was incredible tasty and not too heavy handed on the msg. I especially liked the beef and offal soup noodle. The broth was aromatic, light and full of flavour. The fried noodles were very good too. If I had any complains about it, it would have to be that it was a tad oily for breakfast. The waht tan was probably the best I've had since Ipoh many, many years ago. A proper egg sauce as opposed to starch! And so much "wok's breath"! Very good! Unfortunately I can't remember what the coffeeshop is called but I will post details up later. I'm off, have pubs to visit, sausages to eat and kitcheny gadget things to buy!                                                                   


  1. Congratulations on getting married, dear! *HUGS!*

  2. congrats for the newly wedded! waiting to read ur London post

  3. Congratulations to you and Hunky!!!


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