The view of Hyde Park Corner from the bus
When I boarded the Emirates plane to Dubai from KL I realised that it had been quite some time since I flew long haul. I felt so jakun as I oohed and aahed about the Boeing 777. Leg room! Seats that recline, touch screen entertainment with enough movies to fly back and forth twice! Man, I've been flying Air Asia too much! I think this was also the first time I've ever flown Emirates and the service is top notch. The food, so I was told by Hunky because he loves airplane food, was good too. I think I will be flying Emirates more often. The only annoying thing is the 4 hour layover in Dubai  which doesn't seem very long except when you take into the account the time difference and we were struggling to stay awake from 2am-6am. The moment I sat down in the plane, no kidding, I passed out. Damm I'm sounding old! Anyway here I am! Back in London after three years. We've been blessed with very good weather so far. About 18C with blue skies and sunshine. So not London. So much has changed and so much hasn't. The tube is still remarkably unreliable. The streets are still full of litter. Oxford Street is still full of tourists (us included!). Then there is the construction. Old buildings are gone, in its place, semi sky scrapers that really stand out in the London skyline. I love the new statue at Marble Arch. Took me a while to figure out what it was. In my defense, I couldn't move away from the part of the statue that resembled a very fine Rubenesque arse.

Mighty fine salt beef sandwich from the Brass Grill at Selfridges
See those posters hanging from the ceiling? Its a Singapore food promotion! I know! We were surrounded by Singaporeans trying to get us to try Tiger beer, Yeo's, some instant noodle thing as well as moon cake! Choi! 
Attack of the killer meringues at the Selfridges Food Court. 
We paid homage to Selfridges and its salt beef sandwiches at the Brass Grill. They've moved into the food area and have a bigger seating capacity. The sandwich is a good as ever. That beef is so tender that it just falls apart in the mouth. Mmmm! And that scary turd-like pickled gherkin. So darn good with the beef! Hunky was tempted to have another one but decided to save his stomach for Krispy Kreme instead. Its not a big variety at Selfridges but I was eager to try the Key Lime Pie and Rocky Road. I've had Krispy Kreme in KL and I was convinced that residual oil taste was a result of the oil we used back home. You know what, it tastes the same here! The only difference is the one here has a firmer traditional doughnut texture unlike the soft fluffy ones in KL. The Key Lime Pie was yummy and surprisingly not too sweet. Rocky Road was crap. The chocolate doughnut was dry and the toppin was a lame attempt at rocky road. Well, I'm officially KK'd out. We're off to the gastropub next!

O' Krispy Kreme you be the death of me!


  1. Great! I´ve sang lots of praises for Emirates Airline and a lot of them gave me this funny look. After experiencing it, there´s no turning back eh .. except of course if they price is sky high at times :-) Don´t you just love this special channel where you could watch the landing and taking off shots from the cockpit? I was totally vowed by it!

  2. Have a wonderful holiday and more pictures pls! Err..Hunky loves airplane food?????

  3. Emirates sounds great (much better than Air France!). I do love those individual screens now and I get to catch up with all the movies. Hve a great holi-holiday and we will catch up when u're back.

  4. You know! Who needs bloody MAS man....Cis! We got a really good deal this time, RM1600 return. Hopefully they have more of these deals in the future.

    Thanks Ivy. I will be blogging more or less everyday. Wake up so early from the jet lag anyway! hahaha. Yes, he looks forward to airplane meals. If they are good of course. For me, the smell alone makes me want to throw up! :-p

    Been thinking about you gals whenever Hunky and I are eating something.hahaha. Which is very often! See you soon!

  5. i wanna see the arse..

  6. Oh Ciki you always want to see the arse...

  7. I miss the salt beef sandwich already.

  8. Mighty fine Selfridges prices too! LOL If you're ever in town again you should wander down to a traditional Jewish bakery. Brilliant stuff at a fraction of the price.

    Emirates has become increasingly snooty in recent years with prices to match. Ahh the good old days when they nearly as cheap as chips. Hahah I sound really tightfisted, don't I? I'm even contemplating flying with Egypt Air for my visit home .. maybe they'll be the new Emirates?

  9. Sorry couldn't meet up with you. Time just flies! Whey loosen those fists of yours leh. My ticket was only 200 quid! Thats expensive is it?? Fly air asia x lah. Can get 99 quid fare if you catch it in time.

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