1 for 1 to One O One

Canadian Burger at Hache, check out the "side" greens
Pan seared scallops at One O One. Deeevine! 
During my last trip I blogged about some delicious pork chops I had at Randall & Aubin. Hunky and I decided to revisit the place in Fulham Road only to find that it had closed and Hache has opened in its place. I had read about Hache, known as the burger connoiseurs, and their steak-cut burgers. We figured it must've been a sign to dine there as they were having 1 for 1 deal for lunch. Unheard of just a couple of years ago but you'll find that most restaurants are doing great deals to beat the credit crunch. I recognised the interior immediately. Apart from some lights and chairs, I think it looks a lot like the previous restaurant. I ordered the Sicilan which comes with parma ham and mozarella while Hunky zoomed in on the Canadian, honey cured bacon and cheddar. The presentation is less than impressive. I had asked for the breadless option so when the burger arrived it was sitting rather messily on a bed of roughly chopped greens. A much needed input of fibre after all our carb-laden meals! On first bite, it was very flavoursome. A good chargrilled taste. The "patty" is roughly chopped by hand so you get to really experience the full flavour of the beef. Hunky's Canadian tasted a lot like mine. I was disappointed that as a "burger connoiseur" they served us Heinz ketchup. I guess their focus is solely on the patty as it really is no-frills kind of dining. The burgers cost £8.95 each and a side order of chips was £2.95. Would I go again? Nope. After all there is one in KL that is heaps better, seriously!
Red mullet bouillabase
We walked up to Kings Road after that. I love looking at lighting and furniture. I was in wallpaper heaven at Designers Guild. To-die-for! I was also checking out all the kitchen gadgets at Peter Lewis. Swoon! Kitchen Aids and multiple attachments! Cookie cutters and aluminium cast cake moulds. Phwaaah. We also walked up to Knightsbridge and visited Harrods. I like walking around and looking at all these overpriced, archaic and over-the-top items which just make me wonder "Who the hell buy these things?" Still, it was fun looking at the beautiful things and visiting my favourite section of Harrods - the chocolate and pattiserie hall! Palpitations! Excitement or heart attack, not sure. The cupcakes at Lola's (hmmm the website looks strangely familiar eh?) looked promising although we didn't get to try any as we had to go meet my best friend Tank-o for dinner at One O One. Unfortunately we had to dine like geriatrics to enjoy the 50% discount on food bill which meant we had to be seated at 6:30pm. We were the first ones at the restaurant! Ordinarily I wouldn't dine in hotel restaurants in London simply because they are so stuffy and expensive. I read up on the restaurant and it had many good reviews. So expectations were high. One O One is located on the ground floor of Sheraton Tower (right next to the casino, very handy for you gamblers). I went for the "petit plats" option which allows you to sample the best from the ala carte menu. You can choose between 3 to 6 petit plats. I was advised by our waitress that 4 is usually more than enough. And it was. I struggled with my last plate. We started with a really delicious amuse bouche of crab blini and a potato and endive cappuccino. Okay the blini was too stodgy for the crab but the soup was delicious! I could had had a large bowl for dinner and be completely satisfied! 

Warm foccacia served with unusual and tasty seaweed infused butter (pictured in background)
First up, native lobster with fennel macedoine salad, king crab pastilla, apple jelly and sorbet. In layman terms, coleslaw-like salad with fennel and flaky samosa filled with king crab. It arrived looking so abstract as everything was miniaturised; from the tiny square of green jelly to the bite size samosa. Everything in parts was delicious but I'm not sure how they came together. Maybe this plate doesn't work when its miniaturised. Still, it was fresh on the palate and great start to the meal. Next up was my seared norwegian scallops with truffle foam and duck foie gras. The scallops were perfectly cooked and so freaking good! The duck liver was good too but again I didn't quite feel the flavours coming together for me. The following dish was red mullet bouillabase with small brittany shellfish ragout and seaweed mouillete. I know its seafood but it smelt unpleasantly fishy. I think it was the actual mullet itself. The dish came with seafood piled under a seared red mullet. The creamy bouillabase is then poured over it. The soup was nice but I wasn't quite expecting so many sea snails in my soup. Overall it was good but nothing to write home about. My final dish was a pan roasted Norwegian white halibut and lobster dumpling, paimpol cocobeans truffle cassoulet and sauce Américaine.  This was really, really good. The fish was flaky with a firm texture and the lobster dumpling was the best wanton ever! For dessert Tanko and Hunky ordered chocolate souffle and white chocolate mousse respectively. The souffle was densely packed with chocolatey flavour while Hunky's white chocolate mousse was thick and chunky. I loved the lemon sorbet that came with it. Overall it was a pretty good dinner. I think its definitely worthwhile coming while the 50% discount is still on. 
Petit fours with our coffees
One O One - Sheraton Park Tower, 101 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7RN
Hache - 329-331 Fulham Road, Chelsea, London SW10 9QL


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