Food To Go & Macaroons

Delicate treasures that melt in the mouth
If you think you've tasted macaroons, then think again. I love macaroons but I understand why people don't see the point of this tiny, overpriced piece of sweet pastry. But thats because they haven't tasted the ones at Ladurée! I've always thought I had tasted some pretty good macaroons but these are phenomenal! I know its hard to imagine getting excited over something so small and airy but these are truly exquisite. The crispy shell is barely there and just breaks into a creamy, oozy filling. I especially love the blackcurrant & violet flavour. Although you can't really taste the violet, the blackcurrant is amazing! Its pure fruity goodness held together by an almond veil. Amazing and freaking expensive at £6.95 per 100g. Thank god they are light. Definitely worth a frequent indulgence I reckon!
We've also been to Hunky's old haunts for lunch. God knows he has been dying for a BLT! So of course we had to go visit Pret and EAT. I remember the large Pret in between Covent Garden and Leicester Square. There weren't that many outlets then, now they are everywhere! Several years after Pret there was EAT. I've always prefered EAT simply because I like their soups and pies more. Having said that, this trip I had a junky but delicious swedish pork meatball wrap at Pret. YUM! We had a garden vegetable soup, lovely when all cold outside, and a chicken and leek pie. The pie was a tad salty for me but was tasty and full of leeks. I'm sure there are many more equally as successful chains in London but these are two are by far the most prominent from a tourist point of view. This trip while weaving through some of the backroads between Bond Street and Green Park, we chanced upon Napket. If you think the website looks snooty, lets just say they pride themselves on it. After all their tagline does say "Snob Food". I can only assume they are taking the piss. I like it because its cheeky and it just looks do different from all the other sandwich bars I've seen so far. The bloody chiller has oak panelling for God's sake! Say what you will, I like details. For a £ or 2 more than the other two places, you can dine with Tatler's best. Snort. Hey maybe if I sit there long enough Daniel Craig might come along to buy a goat's cheese & parma ham ciabatta?...

The interior of Napket. Love the stamped napkin holders, faux bookshelves and oak-panelled chillers. LCLY!


  1. Food for snobs! hahaha. I like!

    I like Pret's sandwiches. Makes me feel healthy. The macaroons look amazingly yummy! Maybe I'll change my stand on macaroons some day.

  2. You will once you have these babies! Too bad can't bring them back. They will not survive the journey! You know what makes me feel healthy? Having hot chocolate instead of coffee. HAHAHA

  3. Aiyoh Ladurée!!! The one at Burlington Arcade? Mmmmm

  4. Mmmm...luxembergelis! Taste so much better than they look, and they look fantastic!

    Funny yr Eat pie was too salty, I always find their sandwiches majorly lacking in salt!

    London looks fab btw!

  5. love love love! chis.. jeles.

    i wanna pret.

  6. prets...saviour for budget travellers la..haha..well so i console myself when i dig into their breakfast sandwiches..

  7. Ah my fellow rabbit and macaroon eater, yes it was the branch at Burlington. Tiny shop packed with people. Bloody lousy service, thank god these babies are worth it!

    They are almost too pretty to eat. its like food porn for me. Mmmm... Shocking good weather in London. This is not the London we know!

    Aren't you coming soon Ciki? No need to be jeles lah...

    Joe, dont convert the currency man. Its too painful otherwise!

  8. LCLY!!! Hahha Too funny

  9. nice pictures!!! i really want a bite on that colourful macaroon. lovely!~

  10. Why so blardy exp..! Seilor.. Me gonna b broke..chis


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