Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant

Ever since the sisters and I gathered here for dinner about a month ago, I have been back three times. Coincidentally, always on a Thursday. By here I mean Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant. What a neighbourhood gem! All those years when Rafs was living in the neighbourhood, this restaurant was always overlooked. We had heard that it was; expensive, a ngak kwai loh place, mediocre, blah blah... As to whom we heard it from, none of us seem to be able to recall. This is why its so important to take whatever you read/hear with a pinch of salt and go try it for yourself. Heck, this place is good! Why drive so far out for seafood when you can get it right here. So close to Midvalley, you can dine and dash to a movie. 

And like all good Chinese restaurants, we were not given a menu. However, all their signature dishes were conveniently printed on the wet towel packet. Yes, the towel we have to pay RM1 for. Why is it okay to be get charged for what is essentially a wet napkin and some token nuts at Chinese restaurants? If it was any other cuisine customers would kick up a big fuss. Anyway, back to the food. All I can say is, the seafood here really is fanbloodytastic. I've tried the recommended claypot river king prawn with glass noodles and sang har meen. They are both equally delicious. The prawns are fresh, plump and springy with good head. That doesn't sound right but you know what I mean. The sang har meen is almost creamy from all that brain juice. Again, doesn't sound right but you know what I mean. The claypot version is like a really gorgeous bowl of prawn noodle. Aromatic, flavoursome, delicate and moreish. My next favourite dish has to be their baked pork rib with honey sauce. Mind-blowingly good and unbelievably tender, it would make Rob Rainford drop to his knees and cry. And last but not least, crabs. I've tried steamed with ginger and wine, salted egg yolk and marmite. They are all good because the crabs are fat and bursting with flavour anyway. 

So next time do yourself a favour and when you're done shopping at Gardens drive 1km to Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant and have good Chinese food without the Gardens price tag. However, if its ambience you're after, you ain't gonna find it here. A chinese restaurant is a chinese restaurant is a chinese restaurant...

Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant - 108 Jalan Permai, Off Jalan Syed Putra. 
Tel: 03 2274 6216


  1. Such ginormous prawns! How much would a plate of sang har meen like that cost?

  2. Oh, close to Midvalley? It's convenient to get around this place then. The prawns look so tempting, how is the pricing for this restaurant?

  3. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. Bangsar Babe- Huge right? It goes by weight. The ones in the picture were RM30 each prawn. This week they were R40 each.

    Sugar Bean - I think the price is comparative to other seafood places. Its hard to say because we ordered all the expensive items. If its any indication, plate of HK Kai Lan was RM15 and plate of fried lala was RM18 (enough for 6 people)

    Lets go again! I want to eat those ribssss. MMMMMM

  5. I saw the the picture of the sang har meen and I was hooked. I was just staring at it, and trying not to drool. The prawns look gigantic!!

    If you say the prawns were Rm30 each I counted 5 prawns, does that mean you paid RM150 for this dish? Still abit on the high side. Will have to save up for this place..:(

  6. ah! they served fried intestine too.

  7. Hi Sue, you know what, I'm really confused now! lol. Okay, looking at bill - the prawns in the claypot dish was RM80. If I remember correctly that big plate with the sang har meen was RM120. Like I said, it goes by weight so it really depends.

    Foodbin- yes they do. The look like pretty pasta shapes don't they?

  8. definitely agree on the pinch of salt part. never try, never know. who woulda thought i'd blog. ;P

    ok, seriously, fanbloodytastic looking food indeed! seafood in chinese restaurants are generally expensive but what differentiates the worthwhile ones from the rest is the freshness. good taste is a big bonus! when will the sistas gathering open to the public ar? ;)

  9. yuuummmie! great shot! i wish my cam hadnt died on me.. the CAKE was superb too..thx for sharing u generous soul;)

  10. this is so close to my office its not funny..i wonder if i can get enuf ppl to go there for dinner...

    ohh those prawns...would run the extra km for those babies..

  11. Awwwww poor Queen Crab. Nvm, lets go again!! :-)

    Nic if you put on a skirt and wax a little bit then you can come too! heh heh. Comelah, its not a sisters thing lah. Its just that the other blokes don;t want to come and hang with us girls! :-(

    Too bad about the camera. Have you decided which one Cumi is buying for you? :-p No problem leh, sorry there were only 2 slices.

    Prawns are low in calories whatttt. Isn't it??? Don't tell me cos I don't want to know!!!

  12. I think it's time for us to go again, sista! Need to do some slurping and licking.

  13. wow..tht plate of prawns and prawns and more prawns..u sure there's mee inside tht ah? ;)


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