Hot In The City

Sweating in bed should only happen after a vigorous session of hot and sweaty sex. Instead, I was lying in bed, sweating into the mattress despite having the air con on full blast. It was so uncomfortable, even if Daniel Craig has been lying next to me, I would've just asked him to get me ice water and stop radiating so much manly heat! I have officially melted into a puddle of sweat. It has been so unbearably HOT! Last night I had some friends over and we actually ended up sitting on the marble floor because it was so much cooler. My girlfriends were so hot that they took of all their clothes and pranced around naked, splashing water on each other. Yea. No, not really. Made you hotter though! However they did change into shorts and t-shirts of mine. Hunky made a superb risotto but I was feeling so sweaty and gross. The risotto felt too heavy, too warm. We all had ice cream after hoping that it would cool us down but no such luck. This evening I was determined to be as cool as a cucumber. What I needed was something light, cool and virtuous, like a roasted pumpkin salad with feta, wild rocket, romaine, tomatoes tossed in a wholegrain mustard and honey dressing. I made sure to put lots of lemon juice in the dressing to make it nice and tart. Ahhhh it was sublime! I never thought I would say this but I really hope it pours tonight! 


  1. im reading this on a friday...pray it would NOT POUR in the traffic jam!!

    nice cooling salad though..and a very interesting image of naked girls prancing around for the friday to get through

  2. hot post with cool salad....!!!

  3. "like a roasted pumpkin salad with feta, wild rocket, romaine, tomatoes tossed in a wholegrain mustard and honey dressing."

    for someone fazed by the unbearable heat and drenched in sweat, you still DO think of a very fantastic dinner, dont you? hail foodie paprika! ;D

  4. Hahaha..i thought you were serious on the naked part!!!

    Yes, the current weather is terrible, horrible! And imagine having fever as well, that's me! Down with flu. Sniff sniff!

  5. It is really hot these days! HAD to wear shorts to work today...the heat is simply unbearable!! *_*

  6. Haha Joe am glad you enjoyed the naked girls. At least you picked up on the salad! ;-p

    Hot hot hot Simple Girl, only fitting for the current weather. Sigh... Rain, where are you?

    Thank you thank you Nic. Flattery will get you everywhere, can I buy you a cuppa? :-)

    Pea, if you come over we can recreate the naked part. :-o Aiyo you poor thing, get well soon! Big hugs!

    I went to watch a movie today just to escape the heat. For the first time ever, I did not complain about the chilly temperature of the cinema! Lucky you are able to wear shorts to work huh?

  7. what a great opener! lol anyway love the roasted pumpkin.

  8. I've been eating cold bowl of salad greens. Hmm think ice-cream can work as a dressing?


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