Fong Lye on Jalan Imbi

Sometimes we can be so blind sighted by the familiar. My friends and I always go to Oversea Imbi but for once, I remembered that there were other alternatives, like Fong Lye. So on this rare occasion we found ourselves at Fong Lye for dinner. We had just watched Coming Soon at Pavilion. I am a horror movie buff but this is only horrific in the sense that it was utterly rubbish. Casper the friendly ghost is more scary then this ghastly Thai flick but I digress. Fong Lye has been around for a long time and is only a few doors away from Oversea. So you will forgive us that we always forget it as the shop frontage is all of one shop lot and in dark green where else Oversea takes up four (?) shop lots and it brightly lit in RED! I don't know why I feel I need to justify. I can go out of my comfort zone. Really. 

As usual, we ordered more than enough. Surely these are signs that we are turning into our parents. Gasp! The surprising winner for the evening was a dish we were trying for the first time. Crispy fried pork fillet that was served in delicate slices. It had a crisp shell while the meat was still tender and moist within. I love the hint of nam yue (fermented bean curd) and mandarin peel. Definitely moreish. I also liked the crispy rectangles of tofu and braised yam with pork. Ding's favourite was an aromatic braised chicken dish that was infused with basil, dried chilli and mandarin peel. Its one of those dishes that you either really like or you might find overwhelmingly perfumed. I think I was most disappointed by the congee itself which was worse than congee I make and thats saying a lot! Its just short of rice floating in water. Not good. The claypot aubergine was very forgettable. Infact, the most memorable thing apart from the pork was probably the titbits they gave us at the beginning. I really liked the spicy and tangy lotus root. Delicious! Of course for those of you who don't live/work around Imbi, you can always visit the outlets at Gardens Midvalley or Desa Sri Hartamas. The menu is a little different but you get the gist of it ie. Taiwanese porridge. 

Unfortunately my photos don't do the food justice. My current phone has an amazingly lousy camera. Its a Sony Ericsson Walkman series and while the sound is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, the camera function is shockingly poor. I can't wait until the phone I want comes out


  1. not too bad la the photos! you should see my fone:( lol.

    ooo.. im also a horror movie buff! go watch rec. (the original one.. think spanish?) scared the beeejeeezuz outa me man..

  2. looks like a canggih manggih phone u want..

    but the 8mp SE camera phone isnt great..saw the pictures taken with it..

  3. Ciki they look okay because they are small. Zoom in and you will see how out of focus they are! heh heh. REC huh? I've heard of it. Think my brother has a copy somewhere. You seen Eden Lake?

    Really ah? Am surprised since its a proper camera but in a phone. They just don't make em like them use too. My old W800i took great pictures! Got macro function also. But of course, I could just carrying my Fuji around hor ;-)

  4. I love how Fong Lye's food appeals to diff people. Everyone has their own favs. For me, Imbi is always Overseas - char siu and fried fish from there.

  5. Is that the 3 cups chicken? I think that was okay but where to buy sweet basil leaves??

    And *gasp! I just recommend my friend to watch Coming Soon. Hope he haven't go for it ^^

  6. Hi, your review of fong lye really made me drool alll overrrr my keyboard! I didn't know they had a branch in imbi, i always always always (unadventurous here ahem) go for their hartamas branch. And yes, we always always wallop their appetisers! Sometimes we ask for seconds for the lotus root. And their tea! I love their own tea brand, i bought a whole tin with me to UK :D!

    I think their sam pui kai is to die for lol. But you're right, i never understood why only 2 ppl in my family attacks it. I guess it's a love it or hate it dish. But i want to thank you for telling me they add madarin peel inside! I always wondered what's the one ingredient that makes it stand out. Thank youuu!

  7. Boo I am yet to try the one in Hartamas but I think I've used up my MSG quota for the month. :-)

    You can buy basil anywhere really. Don't go lah to all the posh supermarkets. heh heh. Did your friend have a better time at Coming Soon than I did?

    Hi Elle, I totally agree with you about the tea at Fong Lye. Its superb! Very aromatic and I had to remind myself not to drink too much of it since it is full of caffeine. Thank you to Jason and you for reminding me what the chicken dish was called! I don't know why I kept wanting to say "hou sui kai" (saliva chicken!)

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