Meal Deals at Max!

This little restaurant on Tengkat Tong Shin has all my fellow floggers salivating for more. This is my second time at Max! after having dinner there a couple of months back. It was my brother who told me about their lunch deal. Let me tell you my brother is a man of very, very few words. Therefore, he must've been very impressed to share his lunch experience with us. For RM22++ he enjoyed a two-course set lunch with ice lemon tea! I was surprised by the outstanding price but shocked that he thought the aubergine soup was delicious. He doesn't even eat aubergine!

I had lunch there last week. I had the duck salad to start which was overdressed with olive oil. Otherwise it was very tasty. The greens were fresh and crisp, the duck tender and tasty. My main course was pieces of rib eye served with polenta and mushroom gravy. It was pretty good. After all, at RM22++, I don't think one should complain. Its gone up from RM18++ which is still great value for fine food. The only problem is parking. Cars move around pretty quickly during lunch as the office crowd hone in on Meng Kee. Be very careful about parking illegally as the parking warden comes round frequently in this area.


  1. aargh! I so want to eat lunch here. No time this week so all I can do is drool over yr pictures.

  2. Aargh! I second boo. I want to go to Max so bad!

  3. third then...LOL

  4. MAX again! MAX+I='mou-yuen'
    Planned & was all set to eat out last weekend but alas, they were not opened on that Sunday.

  5. tummythoz - they don't open on Sundays. That's why Max was with Precious Pea at Sek Yuen.

  6. Hahaha...that's rite Boo, in fact, Max requested all eating plans to be on Sunday so that he and his wife could join in. Is the set lunch available on Sat? Really no chance for me to try during weekdays.


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