Jewel In The Burbs

Hunky and I were all set for our walk this morning. Despite the threat of rain, we were determined not to break the momentum of our "healthy weekend" routine. With my little niece in tow, we made our way over to Taman Tun only to be met by rain. We were about to drive over to Marmalade in Mont Kiara when I remembered Bijou. I never come to this part of town during the week. You could say I am somewhat allergic. Located at the same building as Energy Spa, Bijou is a bright and cheery space perfect for a rainy day such as this.

The first thing you see when you walk in is a table spread with cakes of all shapes and sizes. How happy was I? Its like being greeted with a big fat hug of warm, buttery loveliness. When I finally tore my eyes away from the cake display, I noticed the alarming amount of families enjoying breakfast. I normally avoid restaurants that attract parents and screaming children. Funny though, these days I don't seem to mind as much. Hmm, biological clock finally ticking maybe? Anyway, since I had my niece with me, we fitted in seamlessly. We were led far away to the other side of the restaurant. I swear the waiter must've read my mind. There were some young people (listen to me, like some old aunty!) sitting outside so bringing a child is not a prerequisite.

I love how pretty Bijou is. White-washed floor boards, white walls and bright pink and orange soft furnishing liven up the place. In the picture above, I guess it could look like Alexis in BSC but with free parking and a lot more natural light. It is possibly an extended version of the original cafe at Fit For 2 in Bangsar. Same owner, similar concept. The food is simple, relatively healthy and unpretentious, although the decor might lead you to believe otherwise. There is even a small playground in full view where you can watch your kids at play. My niece wanted to go down the slide, by this time the rain had paused for a breather. Any mum would've said no because the slide was still wet but noooo, I let her slide down anyway. She grabbed her behind, looked up at me with big, sad eyes and said "Wet, wet". See how unprepared I am...

I ordered french toast with maple syrup and balsamic strawberries. I appreciate that they used wholemeal bread to make it healthier but it was a tad soggy in parts. As for the strawberries, I'm glad I like balsamic vinegar because they were not macerated as one would expect rather, they were simple chopped up and thrown into a ramekin of vinegar (see picture). The combination of the bread, strawberry and syrup made for a slightly naughty but healthy breakfast. Hunky's corn fritters with baby spinach was tasty if not a little doughy. He didn't like it at all because he was comparing it to Bill's which is completely unfair. Its like comparing a Perodua Kembara to a Nissan Murano.

I think we'll be coming back because it is a nice, airy space and the prices are reasonable. Both our breakfast cost RM12 each. Thats reasonable right? Or am I comparing it to AUD$ Bill's? Yikes! The lunch menu looks interesting. I guess I will have to visit after climbing next weekend.


  1. I would love to be greeted with all those sweets! The corn fritters look really good!

  2. Yeah, the best part of Bijou are their sweets as I like how they arranged their table of cakes. Maybe you can try Bianco, their sister outlet In Dsara Perdana and see if it's worthwhile to visit?

  3. interesting place..i couldnt resist those sweet looking sweets if i were there!


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