Brown Sugar

After that uneventful lunch which left EJ looking like she wanted to punch someone, we went to check out Brown Sugar which was located at StarDuS Clubhouse. It was a rather odd building to have a restaurant. The owner Yuan, who is also the chef, started out as a chef for hire. At this cosy little restaurant you can expect very personalised service. You can call in advance to have something specially prepared. The table next to us were having lobster which was not on the menu.

We ordered all kinds of starters to share. The one dish that stood out from the rest was the norwegian mussels in white wine. They were so fresh and succulent. Taut little white juicy mussels in a light white wine sauce. Simple and lurvlee! The deconstructed apple and rocket salad sounded more interesting that it tasted. It was merely stacked in layers. The soft shell crab salad was "no big shakes" as EJ said. The baby octopus salad was nice and tangy.
For my main course I had wagyu burger topped with foie gras. It was a large piece of foie gras! Not the best quality but good enough for an extra SGD6. The wagyu burger was hand chopped and lightly seasoned. It was sumptuous! It was delicious even without the foie gras as the meat is incredibly tasty on its own despite only having a marble score of 6. (No prize for guessing who asked about the marble score). Good enough for me! The desserts were a let down unfortunately. The steamed pudding was heated up in the microwave which resulted in a slightly chewy texture. The pear tart tartin was lovely in taste but again, the pastry was tough from the reheating. I think it may be worth a second visit just for the mussels and burger.


  1. Dropping in to say Hi! Will come visit more often. It was nice meeting you :o)

  2. Thanks for dropping by. It was really nice meeting you too! Hope to see you guys more often for some good makan. slurp...

  3. Hello! It's a pleasure meeting d hot stuff!

  4. hiya! Nice meeting you. Glad you made it to Brown Sugar, that was actually our original destination but somehow we ended up around Orchard Road. Just read abt my friend's experience there as she attended a private function there and looks good. PS Cafe was not bad, nice atmosphere but they were kinda sticky abt taking pixs though.


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