The WL4 President's Annual Dinner

Last Saturday we celebrated Super Lian's birthday at Imbi Palace. Talk about deja vu! She wanted exactly the same menu as the last time. Didn't we all overeat and feel sick that time? Huh. Guess we are like goldfish. We forget and just keep on eating. The deepfried aubergine with pork floss in the four seasons platter was utterly divine and incredibly addictive! Its so bloody crispy that it doesn't even taste like aubergine anymore. Its a good thing we were going to have a 7-course meal so I didn't gorge myself on it. I want to buy it by the kilos, sit infront of the tv and just keep popping those evil things into my arteries. The old melon soup didn't have as much seafood as I remembered. The peking duck was still good but there just wasn't enough skin on that poor duck for us fatties. The tiered-pork was done differently this time. This one was stewed in claypot and just didn't have that oily, caramelised sweetness that is needed for dunking fried buns in. I didn't even bother eating the tofu. What a waste of space! The birthday noodles were very...economical! Where were the noodles?! I'm convinced they used all the noodles for the birthday and wedding going on outside. We were also entertained throughout dinner by a drunken uncle singing Hokkien hits on the karaoke machine. For dessert we had ice cream cake from Haagen Daz. Strawberry and chocolate! It was so hard that the waitress had to help us chop it up. And those seashells on the cake? Those aren't Guylian. Hmmph!


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