Lok Lok

This was the lok lok stall on Lorong Carnivon. We were all impressed by the sign which reads "Please Dip In Once Only". I haven't had lok lok in years. I think the last time was probably outside Echo with a drunken Sabby. She loves her innards. That woman should be on fear factor. Lok Lok for me was always about the fishball and quail's eggs. Kiddy stuff. Dad loved his junk food. We'd go down to Cathay Cinema on Bukit Bintang where they had the best ramly burgers, stuffed tofu pok, crispy grilled cuttlefish with ha gou and lok lok stall of course. We'd go watch inappropriate movies such as The Omen and Killing Fields. I was not even 10. I liked hearing the crunch of kwa chee as you shuffle your way to your seat but I definitely do not miss the rats running past your legs. The cinema is long gone and it was 8 years on Sunday that Dad left us for the long bar in heaven. Cheers dad, may you be at peace wherever you are...


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