Low Fat, Low Taste, Lo Fun...

There is something wrong with the blogger server. I am unable to upload any photos which kinda defeats the purpose of my blog. You know what else is seriously wrong? Low fat mayonaise. What is that all about? I bought my first (and last) tub of low fat mayonaise recently. My trainer already warned me about Praise low fat mayo so I got the Weight Watcher's 98% fat-free, chemically-rebonded one instead. It promised full flavour without the guilt. Hah! I knew the moment I opened the jar that it was doom! The first whiff I got was one that resembled industrial paint. Now that can't be good. The taste? Bloody awful! But fatties can't be choosy. Besides, I used just a dollop to the can of tuna. Add liberal amounts of black pepper, scatter some capers and abundance of finely sliced red onion and one can barely taste the mayonaise. Barely. I curse this diet! I curse my fat genes!


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