Forgotten Pleasures

On Sunday, somewhere between the 3 CSI's, I found myself in Bangsar with Lian. What turned out to be a quest for cake became a 3-course meal at Bon Bon. It remains a mystery how they have managed to survive. I blame it on the feng shui because the food really is very good and good value for money. Cuz and I went there many times for breakfast before we migrated next door. I liked that it was so quiet. I know its not good for business but it was like a secret place I discovered and don't want to share with people. These days you will find us at Delicious. I'm just waiting for someone to open a Bill's here. Mmmm, can't wait to go to Sydney in January! Please don't ever try the ricotta hotcakes at Westin. Its not even remotely close to what ricotta hotcakes should taste like!
The corn beef hash was excellent as usual. See, I don't understand why Alexis can't sort out their corn beef hash. Its owned by the same bloody person! The corn beef was crispy in places and soft in others. I could have buckets of the stuff! We also shared the grilled beef rib, caramelised onion & tomato sandwich with honey mustard sauce on ciabatta. Delicious. The only thing disappointing was the blueberry pancakes with honeycomb butter and aged balsamic strawberries. I think we were both expecting something a lot closer to what they serve at Bill's in Sydney. Oh well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad...


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