Upside Down Shepard's Pie

Its been raining all day. How bloody depressing. Its days like this you want to sit down and have a hot steaming bowl of noodles or dig into some creamy mash potatoes. Tonight we are having fried pork patties in tomato sauce with peas, onions & potatoes. Perfect for a day like this. For the longest time, I always thought I was having chinese food at home. It wasn't until Lian pointed out that upside down shepard's pie is NOT chinese food, even if it was cooked with oyster sauce. Upside down shepard's pie, which happens to be on Lians top 10 list of things to eat in my house, consists of minced pork & garlic stir fried with kicap pekat, oyster sauce & pepper poured over a bed of mashed potatoes. Which you then dole out on to a plate of white rice! (These days we eat healthy and have wild rice instead with our deep-fried belly pork with lard sauce...) What can I say, home food is like a hug with calories. I must compile these "Asian" dishes into a book one of these days.


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