Tanjung Rhu, A Saucy Resort...

Now that my hunky boyfriend has gone back to London, I can finally write about our holiday feast in Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi. We bought one of those all-inclusive package which basically covers room and all food & beverage (excluding alcoholic drinks). I was pretty excited because I hadn't seen Mik for 9 months (I could've had a full term baby!) and also I've heard rave reviews about the place. Anyway our flight got delayed by over 2 hours. Thank you Tony & Air Asia for eating into my very expensive holiday. When we finally got there, we were starving. We had a pizza each at their new pizza bar by their new pool. I had the gorgonzola & onion pizza. He had the one with everything in it. It was alright. As good at Domino's at best. I wasn't expecting it to be WOW. It is, after all, a poolside outlet.
Mik was on a sugar high with all the unlimited mocktails and ice-blended drinks. There is something in the blended coffee drinks that leave an after taste. I wonder if they use powdered coffee formula or maybe powdered milk. Anyway, at our romantic, private barbecue on the beach that night (yes, be jealous because it was delicious and sooooo freaking romantic that Mills & Boon called to ask if they could use our story) one thing became apparent to the both us. They really like their sauces! The garden salad came with four types of dressing. Our seafood appetiser platter came with four sauces and the main, another three. Thank goodness it was just the two of us eating because the sauces took up half the table. It was hilarious! Oh they also gave us extra tomato paste for our pizzas earlier. I've never had that before.
Our most disappointing meal was at their fine dining restaurant, The Rhu. It was sooo old school. Think Lafite back in the late 80's. The food came covered with silver domes and they made crepe suzette infront of you. How retro is that?! I swear every table had crepe suzette. We saw the whole flambe process about 6 times throughout the course of (a very painful) dinner. Its not that the food was bad, it just wasn't what one would normally term fine dining. The picture above was our amuse bouche. It was a soggy, deep-fried wanton. Enough said. My first appetiser was an uninspiring start. It was salmon & tuna carpacio with wasabi & mashed pea. The positive thing I can say is that it was, at least, healthy.
In between courses they served us sorbet in ice bowls which was a really nice touch. I wonder if they recycle the bowls. I can't even remember what I had for my second appetiser. Mik's lobster tail was quite nice. A dash too much cumin for my liking but otherwise sumptuous. We ordered three dessert to give us better odds at finding a good dessert. Crepe suzette (of course), warm chocolate & ginger pudding and banana pudding with coconut ice cream & grilled pineapple. The crepes and chocolate pud were very nice. The banana pudding turned out to be a heated-up muffin. I expected the flavours to be fused but they remained three very separate things on one plate. Good thing we didn’t have to pay.
Plus points - It’s the best hotel buffet breakfast spread I’ve ever had. And the bbq on the beach was very, very nice. Minus points - All outlets have the same bleeding ingredients. They had blue-eyed cod at the fine dining restaurant, coffee house AND Mediterranean outlet. What the hell? And all the ice creams were rough & icy.
I would recommend the resort as an intimate destination for couples. However, if you are a foodie, forget about the all-inclusive package. Rent a car and go seek better eats dotted around the island.


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