chocolate mints, not just for aunties...

For as long as I can remember, I have always liked chocolate peppermints. After Eight Dinner Mints. That was the height of luxury back in those days. Wafer thin dark chocolate with smooth, creamy peppermint centres. They don’t make them like they use to! The chocolate just isn’t the same. I think the ones here are made in China. Like everything else these days! I was only allowed to have them after dinner. So you can’t blame me for believing they were really meant to be eaten after dinner at about 8pm. Yes, yes, silly me. That was when I still obeyed my parents of course. I started sneaking a wafer here and there. Once I realised they never noticed, I helped myself to a few whenever I felt like it. These days After Eights have been replaced by Bendick’s. I loveeee Bendick’s Bittermints. Actually I love the whole collection. None of my friends like peppermint chocolate. Lucky me because I don’t have to share! They say its like eating toothpaste. If only, I’d gladly brush my teeth ten times a day!

Vanilla Box on Asian Heritage Row have a super-frosty Chocolate Peppermint Velvet Cake. Its predominantly chocolate mint mousse but its not the usual nasty gelatinous stuff. This is dense, smooth, velvety goodness with a power-packed peppermint punch! So refreshing on hot days like these. They also make fantastic chocolate cupcakes (pictured above). If you are one of those who would rather eat frosting over cake, do yourself a favour and go get one of these fabulous cupcakes (rm3.50each).


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