My friends tell me I am too picky about my food. However, when you are overweight, every calorie counts. So if I’m going to be fatter, I want to make sure that its worth. And throwing up after is not an option. I am picky but I don’t hate myself.
Frangipani, you’ll find that people either love it or hate it. I am one of those who love it. Sure I think some menus work better than others but the fantastic dishes have so far outweigh the less successful ones. I even love reading the menu. If someone puts that much effort into writing the menu, you know that the food is going to be good. I still remember my first bite of warm tea smoked salmon and duck confit five years ago. Who knew salmon & cigarettes tasted so good together?? The duck is completely indulgent which pretty much sums up the food in general at Frangi. Chris is not coy with cream, butter, lard and other artery-clogging ingredients. Ah, I'm so glad that its not cheap enough for me to dine there more often because I would've dropped dead a long time ago.

Right now they have fabulous kumamoto oysters. Sweet, succulent and delicate bite size oysters from Japan. Then I had the pan-fried foie gras with grilled king prawn, rocket & bailey’s sauce (pictured left) for my main course. Yes, I know that sounds strange but its strangely fantastic together. The textures and flavours come together like long-lost friends! Mikael started of with grilled escargot skewers with roasted pink garlic bulbs. Tender, flavourful & a delicious tickle to the palate. Followed by smokey duck char siew. Its no substitute for the real deal but if you can't eat pork, please try the duck char siew. Much better than chicken char siew!
Ah, can’t wait for the next menu to come out!


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