Take A Bow - Al Nafourah

Hotel restaurants are often overlooked when looking for places to eat. Unless of course it happens to be:
  1. A Japanese restaurant (extra woohoo for weekend buffets)
  2. Wedding banquet at Chinese restaurant
  3. Ramadan buffet (packed with 80% non-Muslims!)
  4. If you've purchased a priviledge card that comes packed with dining discounts
So it was No.4 that brought Lyrical Lemongrass and I for lunch at Al Nafourah (Le Meridien Hotel). Judging from how full the restaurant was, LL was just one of many who needed to take full advantage of the free dining voucher before it expired. Our free Al-Jabal set lunch consisted of a chicken pate-like starter with pita bread and a butter fish stew with heavily spiced cous cous. The combination of the cous cous and light broth was incredibly appetising. The only thing we were disappointed with was the dessert. It was a strange concoction of 10% apricot and citrus tasting jelly topped with 90% cream that had been infused with dessicated coconut. I looked around the restaurant and we were the only 2 who didn't like it. Every other table had emptied their glass. Huh, guess we're just spoiled by the Peanut Feuillantine Cake! Al Nafourah is a funny old place. Everyone I know has said how much they like it, especially the ambience in the evenings and the vivacious belly dancers is always a bonus. However, it is always forgotten compared to its sister restaurant Prime. It is probably for this reason that Al Nafourah will be closed sometime in early 2010. A spanking new restaurant will be taking its place. To prepare for the closure, the sumptuous semi-buffet and belly dancers are no longer. What a shame. Guess I am going to take Hunky there solely for its romantic setting and ala carte menu.

Al Nafourah is closed on Sunday and Monday. For more information and to download their menu, click here


  1. No more belly dancers? Awww.... :(

  2. been for their buffets n set dinner..n disappointed on 2 accounts..hmmm looks like it has to b ala carte and a few belly dancers to make me happy n come back..

  3. I have loads of great memories at Al-Nafourah and I'm definitely going to miss this place. It's easy enough to while away time when sitting in one of those "tents" surrounded by opulence and rich hues.

    Enjoyed lunch with you that day. We should do this more often.

  4. Kenny, I can shake my belly for ya in exchange for some chocolates. I'm cheap like that...

    Well Joe, guess you'll just have to wait for the brand new restaurant to be unveiled.

    I know what you mean. The ambience is a huge plus. Got more vouchers you need to use up? Can lah, anytime man, you're the one with the hectic social calendar! ;-p

  5. Judging from how full the restaurant was? but in the photo the place looks empty! I like this place too.. wow, its been like 2years maybe since i went. we took clients. feel asleep after the makan.. too cosy! lol

  6. Hahaha yea I realised that. I was early, shortly after the place was all filled up. Every single person was using their voucher! So sad for them, don't think they made a single cent that day.


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