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I dream of blue skies and wide open space. Tree lined streets which have proper pavements. I dream of beautiful designs where form meet function. I dream of street lamps which do not sprout plastic mouldings of hibiscus on top. Driving around KL last week, I am continually rocked by bad design, bad planning and over developed suburbs. The once exclusive Damansara seems to have stretched virtually into Sungai Buloh while Mont Kiara spills over to Kepong like Nigella's overflowing bosom. Its not like we have a shortage of space, so why are we building upwards and cramped so tight that we have no space to fart without your neighbour in the next development hearing you. 

I don't hang out much in the 'burbs but the great thing about it is that there are always hidden gems in the form of family owned restaurants, second hand shops, etc... Recently I found myself in Tropicana City Mall with Rafs looking to try this dreamy croquette that she and Cuz had been raving about. We had to do a couple of u-turns and detours as the access is so badly planned. It was about 7pm when we arrived at Sushi Tei. It was a pleasant looking Japanese restaurant with a sushi conveyor belt. The manager came round and offered us a complimentary glass of wine each. Cuz who arrived late did not get a glass so we very graciously gave her our share. Secretly we were plying her with drinks so that she did not notice we already started eating without her! 

I was please to see that they had hiyashi chuka on the menu but unfortunately it was nowhere as nice as Dontakus. The faux ham was disgusting. Kinda like chewing on salty cardboard.  The portion of agedashi tofu was pretty standard, I am yet to taste bad agedashi. Sashimi was fresh and tasted so sweet that I was convinced they had washed it with sugar. I'm sure they didn't, it just tasted that way thats all. By the time Cuz arrived, we had already polished off the tofu, sashimi, some sort of fritter that looked and tasted a lot like cucur udang and soft shell crab maki. Then it was down to the good stuff. The pièce de résistance - creamy corn croquette. I am told that one portion used to have two pieces. Now its the same price but only a single piece. Well, got to make money somehow. I am super fussy about eating "deep fried" food. A tiny whiff of stale oil is enough to put me off eating it. I am pleased to say, the croquette here passed the test. It was super crispy outside and ooey and gooey on the inside. Definitely moreish! Cuz also ordered some unagi wrapped in egg. Nice, tad sweet but pleasant enough. She also ordered some beef teriyaki and beef roulade stuffed with enoki mushrooms. The beef teriyaki was tender but am surprised that they did not fry the thick slices of garlic. I am told that the beef roulade was tender and delicious but I did not try any because at this stage my pants were cutting off my blood circulation. I blame the expanding croquette. Dinner came up to just under RM50 each. 

For more information and location of Sushi Tei restaurants, click here


  1. "I dream of blue skies and wide open space."

    You caught me eyes with yer first sentence. I want that too. But after reading the rest of your post, I want me some Japanese tonight! Tapi malas nak cari Sushi Tei ler... mebbe just hit Hajime behind my condo... save money, jalan kaki, hur hur hur. :P

  2. ok, croquette it is here. I wasn't too impressed with Tropicana mall but now maybe I shld venture and try this & Indulge. LOL on plying yr cuz with drinks so she won't realise you started eating without her.

  3. What a nice opening verse-i find that the food are ok.

  4. Wow you lucky man! You live thaaat close to Hajime?! We're practically neighbours! Come lets go have Japanese and stare at the sky...

    Yea, its a pretty strange mall. There is no reason for visiting this place unless you want to go to Carrefour. Well, next time you are stuck in a jam around the area, turn in for a croquette snack!

    Foodbin, yes the meal was pretty average but far superior to Ichiban boshi, Yo!Sushi, Sakae Sushi in terms of freshness, variety and value for money.

  5. sushi tei is my favourite sushi chain in Singapore! yes, u are right. it's definitely fresher (which is the most important aspect of Japanese food). their seasonal menu is great. come winter and i'll go crazy over their rich otoros. ahhhhh....


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