Super Tanker Revisited

Yes, all that glorious food for just one dish

With all the great restaurants we have here in Malaysia combined with our lurve of eating, its no wonder we're the most obese SEA nation. There are some simply superb restaurants that I've been to once or twice but never really get around to going again. Super Tanker is one of them. It was all but forgotten until sometime in November when Raf's dad took us to dinner. The dishes he ordered were very different to the ones I had back in September 2007. It left me with such a deeply sublime impression that it was the first restaurant I thought of when the sisters and I decided to meet up for a catch up dinner. I was a little late despite leaving from 1 Utama. I tried to be clever and took a short cut and ended up in some hardcore kampung area. Anyway, it was fairly busy for a Thursday night. Best to come on a weekday if you don't want to wait forever for your food. Weekends are chock a block and getting semi decent service is impossible. 

I had already pre ordered yet it was still quite a while before we got our food. Mind you, "quite a while" in a Chinese restaurant is anything over 15 minutes for the first course and 5 minutes between courses. The yee sang was pleasant enough. I don't like it when they give you the dyed stuff. Otherwise it was crunchy, tangy, sweet and appetising. The best part is always when you toss the yee sang together. I can't remember what auspicious mumbo jumbo we were chanting while tossing the salad together. Something to do with money, money and money? Next up, the pièce de résistance. Literally translated "prosperous wind duck". Actually I had a fine old time describing the dishes over the phone as I didn't know what they were called. "Um, you know that roast duck thing. With the bun and the deepfried pancake with the spring onions?" In my very mediocre cantonese. But it was more fun asking for the pork. "Um, pork ribs cooked in a gingery broth. Its kinda yellow. But not clear. Yea, with fermented beancurd". Back to the food.
 The roast duck was every bit as good as I remembered. It may not look like much but it is an incredibly rich dish. Crispy duck skin sandwiched between fluffy white bread and deep fried scallion pancake that is filled with mushrooms and radish. Lets just add more oil to the tub of oil eh? I managed 3 pieces, that was all the oil I could muster after having eaten only very light, mainly vegetarian meals since the year started. Besides, I could tell Lemongrass, Boo and Pea were really enjoying it. Finally, my "above the ocean ribs" arrived bubbling away in the claypot. The colour is more mustardy then anything actually. LL and Pea thought it smelt very creamy and milky but we figured it was probably more like bean curd that added to the creamy texture of the broth. I could eat this everyday. The taste is so subtle but flavoursome at the same time. I forgot that it comes with blanched chrysanthemum vegetables because I don't like it. It reminds me of celery, pah! That was the token bit of green we had. If you don't count the radish and ginger shavings in the salad! Dinner came up to be around RM45 each. Money well spent for a deeply satisfying meal!

Super Tanker - for reservations and directions, call 03 77267768/ 03 7726 7769.

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  1. Atcherly, when I checked the online menu, the chinese description was nothing like prosperous wind duck or over the rainbow whatchacallit. Maybe it's in the pronounciation...I dunno lar....but it was quite hilarious trying to figure out the names, wasn't it? :-) Definitely a good meal...thanks for the recommendation, dahlink!


  2. Paprika, may the Oxpicious year brings you cartfuls of good luck, joy, prosperity and best of health

  3. Yeah i saw the translations. I think my literal conversions are more fun :-) ! Gong xi gong xi to you too! Don't forget to wrap a big fat ang pow for me yar? ;-)

    Hey babe, gong hey fatt choy to you too! May it be a fantastic year for all of us!

  4. above the ocean ribs...hmmm, titanic comes to mind. haha!

    ok, rather inappropriate that was. this is, afterall, the time for all things happy. so, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR, PAPRIKA!!! here's wishing u a year of awesome food!


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