Homemade black sesame tofu

I still remember going to the Dua showroom a few years back. My friend Crispy was looking for a bachelor pad and the area around KLCC was just about sprouting with development. The showroom was impressive. Crispy didn't stand a chance. Couple of weeks later, he parted with his gin & tonic kitty and became proud home owner. Ever since he moved in last year, he has been keeping my updated on the renovation progress of the annex. Finally, late last year the restaurants finally opened. Delicious and Kirishima. Kirishima looked promising as the menu seemed reasonable for Japanese fare. When I say reasonable, its similar to Kura's ( at One World Hotel) pricing.

Crabstick and avocado salad doused in mayo

Meow Meow was back from HK and along with Cuz, we met Crispy for dinner one night back in December. The decoration is tastefully done and typical of Japanese restaurants with one exception - chandeliers. Sparkly chandeliers illuminate the length of the restaurant. Unusual. That was perhaps the only thing out character. The menu features a good variety of the usual Japanese fare. They were having some opening promotions at the time. We took advantage of the discounted sashimi moriawase featuring seven types of fish. Our waitress had no clue what she was serving us. Furthermore, we would not have understood anyway since she tried to tell us the names in Japanese. There was salmon, tuna, hamachi and mackerel. The other three were mystery meats that tasted fresh and sweet. Good enough for me! I was keen to try their homemade tofu. However when it arrived, it was black as tar. They failed to mention it was homemade "black sesame" tofu. The texture was gelatinous and a little coarse from the ground sesame. I'm still undecided whether I like it or not but I will tell you that its definitely an acquired taste. 

We also had grilled salmon with salt, maki with eel and avocado, wagyu on hot stone which was tasty but nothing spectacular, crabstick and avocado salad (the only salad Cuz eats, that is, one that is drowning in mayo). We also had another maki that was adorned with a crown of cheese and mayo sauce. Another request by Cuz. It was deliciously junkie. At the end of the meal, we decided that we wanted just one more dish and we picked a croquette. Its not something I would order again because its just too junkie for me. Imagine a crispy deep fried shell filled with oozy creamy mayo cheese saucey thing. Too much! Might as well dip a yau char kway into a bottle of Hellman's innit?! I did enjoy my meal at Kirishima. We all agreed that it was pleasant enough and that ample parking was also a plus. If you like your sake, they also have a good selection here. So the next time you find yourself at lost to eat at KLCC, walk or drive over to Dua Residence and check out Kirishima.

Avocado and crabstick mayo topped with unagi

Kirishima is located at Dua Annex of Dua Residence on Jalan Ampang. Opposite American Embassy. Tel 03 2162 8127

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  1. Or in my case, I could just walk over there from my office! :D

    Happy Lunar New Year, dear! When am I gonna be able to collect angbao from you har? This year, even singletons like us are exempt, you know. Hehe.

  2. wow, you have rich frens....i got no fren can afford to stay in dua...


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