New Year New You

2008 passed by with a blink of an eye. Don't you find as you get older time seems to fly by even faster. Last year was an amazing year for me. I may not have achieved some of my goals but I got to travel so several new places that I had been longing to see for a long time. This  year my goal is to, wait for it,... Run the mini marathon in July. Its only 10km which is highly achievable. I haven't attempted to run since er... 2002? Its going to hurt but no pain no gain right? I will blog about my progress along the way. Last year was about new places, this year its about revisiting some forgotten (and blacklisted) places. First post of the year, Chinoz at KLCC.

My gripe about KLCC has always been about the lack of good eateries. Admittedly the choices are diverse but most of them mediocre. The two saving grace, in my humble opinion, Chillis and Little Penang. Anyway, it is a rare occasion that I find myself in KLCC these days. Today Hunky and I found ourselves thwarted after doing a quick shop at Isetan. What to eat, what to eat? It was barely 11am. We decided to go to the Chinoz to check out their breakfast menu. Its been so long since I've been here that I didn't even know they offered buffet breakfast on Sundays now. And a Sunday Roast lunch from 12pm to 3pm for RM69++. We were too early for that so we opted for
 the breakfast menu instead. I ordered the eggs benedict with "Chinoz salt beef". I was interested to see whether the salt beef was anything like the one at Selfridges in London. Hunky ordered the Norwegian Eggs which was scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on English muffin. 

It was very pleasant sitting there in the empty restaurant, the calm before the storm. It was a lovely day but it was going to be filled by last minute chinese new year shoppers soon enough. Our meals arrived swiftly. Hunky's scrambled eggs was buttery and not overcooked. It was nice and rich, broken only by the sharp saltiness of the smoked salmon. The "salt beef" turned out to be beef bacon. The cheek of some people! Nonetheless, the kampung eggs were perfectly poached and the hollandaise artery cloggingly luscious. All in all, a reasonable breakfast for under RM50 for two people. Coffee and tea included. Perhaps there is hope for Chinoz after all. Service may still be crappy but the food is palatable. 


  1. Anonymous6:11 pm

    Nice to read your restaurant reviews again.From Aunty Wati

  2. But bad service will spoil a hapi weekend mood.

  3. Yay!!Hoping to see more post from one will be, let me guess...super tanker? blogged already didn't you? Never mind, eating with us pretty much different experience altogether :)

  4. Welcome back Paprika. Ah, now I know I can add brekkie into my list when I am in KLCC. I have the same dilemma when I visit Splashie Boy's office - what to eat at KLCC! Good luck with the marathon prepping..u need any help?

  5. Thank you Aunty!! We must arrange a cooking session when Shams gets back.

    Tummythoz- ah its not so bad when you are with great company

    Wah Pea, you must be psychic! heh heh. I have ALOT to catch up.

    Thanks Boo! You going to run with me? Perhaps if you were waiting with a tray of your delicious cupcakes at the finish line? :-)


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