Last But Not Least

Finally! I don't know about you but I'm pretty bored of blogging about Perth. Especially since I've taken such a long time to do it, all the enthusiasm has evaporated in this heat. Anyway, I have not been able to bring myself to eat anything vaguely Australian since I've been back. I did have one Italian meal the week that I got back which was bitterly disappointing. Hunky and I also paid RM36++ for 15 black Tasmanian mussels of four which did not open. Why, oh why? So I have steered clear since. My last post is about places I have revisited.

1. Little Creatures
It was a scorching day that we chose to catch the train from the city into Fremantle. We made a pit stop at Cicerello's because we couldn't decide between the two restaurants. CW insisted we have a "light snack" by which she meant a dozen natural oysters, a dozen kilpatrick and a huge portion of fish and chips! CW's eyes are definitely larger than her stomach. Miraculously we still managed to head over to Little Creatures to eat some deliciously spicy, piping hot mussels and two orders of grilled corn. Drizzled in olive oil, parsley and sea salt, it was the most delicious grilled corn I've had in a long time. The spicy mussels really do have a kick it and is actually tastier than the ones at Il Ciao. But then again, it could've also been the view of the sea and glorious sunshine. Don't you just hate me? Yeah I know. To wash it all down, Hunky had a pint of pale ale while I had half pint of Pipsqueak cider. Visit their website and be tempted for a visit.

2. Blue Water Grill

I had a wonderful brunch here with the girls during my last trip. I was looking forward to another dose of artery clogging eggs benedict but we got there too late for brunch. We shared half dozen oysters with chardonnay and shallot dressing, and another half dozen with citrus vodka, salmon roe and sour cream. The vodka actually came in a shot glass. Think it was a little early to be doing shots so we poured a little vodka over each oyster instead. For my main, I had beautiful almond crumbed seared scallops with dried beef salad. So fresh, succulent and sweet at the same time. The contrast of the crsip salty beef against the tender scallops was just gorgeous! Mmmm, I could've eaten a few more plates. Desserts were worth a mention especially the warm fig pudding with butterscotch sauce and vanilla bean ice cream. Absolutely to-die-for! It was like coming home to a toasty living room when its snowing outside. I just wish I didn't have to share it with 5 other people!

3. Red Teapot
Lem's little restaurant is still thriving after 4 years. The menu at Red Teapot has not changed, my favourite prosperous fragrant chicken and salted egg soft shell crab were still as good as ever. I'm too lazy to write about it all over again so if you are interested in reading about it, click here.

There were a couple of places which I didn't get round to blogging about. Maybe on my next trip to Perth. Until then...Yes, I can barely wait to move on. Next!


  1. Finally, it's OVER!!



    *finality of it all enter his brain*

    Oh, no --- you mean it's OVER? NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  2. Haha..i know what you mean, I was also sick and lack of motivation to continue with my HK am taking a long break from that.

    With AirAsia flying to Perth now...all your tips are very valuable. ;)

  3. So over Kenny... Not you and I of course ;-)

    I know ivy!! So exciting! Can get "business class" seats some more! woohoo!

  4. haha.. i actually do like those 3 places u mentioned..


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