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Its 6pm on Thursday and I am my latest playground Pavilion. As I walk from the car park into the building, I am greeted by a familiar smell that can only be deep-fried dough. Its been a while since I had a J.Co donut, feeling lucky I make my way over to the deep-frying also known as Lot 1.05.00, First Floor of Pavilion. What luck! Merely four people in the queue. Could it be that the donut craze is finally dying down like leg warmers and bubble tea?

The four ahead of me order a dozen each. The man behind the counter looks at me expectantly.  I tell him I only want three; pieces not dozen. He looks at me like I am deranged but hands me my donuts in a box fit for three anyway. Two things struck me as I paid for my donuts - 1) I have not blogged about these before 2) Am I in Frangipani on a Friday night? Any more friends of Dorothy and they will have to call it GayCo Donuts. So instead of cruising down Bintang Walk (as one does according to He Who Will Not Be Named), perhaps its worth checking out J.Co. If the eye candy doesn’t grab your fancy at least you can drown your sorrows in a sugary deep-fried ring of dough.

One can’t have donuts without coffee so I walk across to Gloria Jeans. I haven’t had much GJ coffee since the closest outlet I can think of is at Gleneagles Hospital and somehow it would seem morbid to go hang out at a hospital. Ever since Pavilion opened, Hunky and I have been coming to the outlet here because of their 2 for 1 opening promotion. The promotion has long ended but we like the coffee here and that it is away from the madness unlike Starbucks a floor above. I order a low-fat mocha because it balances out the calories in the donut. Denial is my middle name. Anyway, speaking of HWWNBN, who should happen to saunter by as I sit down with my cup of low-fat mocha? He is a great fan of Starbucks and Coffee Bean, although I suspect that has more to do with the view rather than the quality of the coffee. He absolutely hates J.Co donuts. “That’s not a donut, those are just fluffy pockets of nothing!” he moans and points at the box disdainfully and backs away quickly just incase he catches some sugar-borne disease. I have to agree with him, it really isn’t so much a donut as it is a semi-sponge that has been fried. The texture is incredibly light, if you close your eyes, you could be fooled into thinking that its just sponge that you’re eating. Out of all the flavours I have tasted, the best has to be the plain sugar glazed one. The rest are just so sickeningly rich. Having said that, if I was feeling super junky and hit with a major bout of PMS, I would have the pink-glazed, yoghurt-filled one. The white chocolate coating is irresistibly glossy when warm and the slightly tangy filling balances out the overall sweetness. If you like your cheese processed, you could also try their savoury cheese one. Fried dough with a Kraft singles sauce. Right. 


  1. "Denial is my middle name."

    What a coincidence! That's my middle name too! ;)

    Not a big fan of donuts, period. But it's cute seeing the crowds waiting in lines around the block for them. Heh.

  2. 4 ppl in the crowd..arr..time has changed indeed..no more hanky panky to get infront of the queue over things that make you drop dead faster then saying J CO!

  3. i've not had one before. am i proud of myself? well, sorta. haha! the hype is such a turn off.

    having said that, i still do labour hope of indulging in one of those down-to-earth honey glazed ones. one day.

  4. I'm the plain-sugared-donut-ring jane. Like kenny mah, I do enjoy checking out the characters in the long Qs.

  5. I have tried them but can say that I can walk pass an outlet without batting an eyelid. :o)

  6. OMG, are we like related Kenny? Mine is spelt Dyniahl, you?

    Joe, what kind of hanky-panky is this?

    Nic! First you blog about your virginal baking voyage and now you tell me you haven't had a donut?! :-o Come, come, let me buy you coffee and a donut (just one, don't be greedy) the next time you are down.

    Well whenever I walk past, everyone in the queue seems to fairly thin. But not for long if they keep eating boxes of donuts! My bf's office has a constant supply. To quote "Some idiot will always go queue for them". Er, guess that makes me an idiot too! hahaha

    WMW you are enlightened, please show us the way and lead us from temptation!

  7. guess the donut bugs have lost their bite? Malaysians are so typical 'San Si Hang' (LOL). But still, I love donuts, and admits that JCO serves the best among the other outlets in Msia. Or could be the vast options available for picking?

  8. Hmm..somehow I still prefer the traditional donuts without glazing, without filling. Just purely dusted with sugar. Is that called "Ngau Chey Loon" - Cow Car Wheel?

  9. like nic, i am proud to say these lips and tongue have not been privvy to those pieces of air trapped in grease. hangon, are they baked? whatever la. i think gazelles will learn to fly before you find me queueing (spelling korek ah? so many Us and Es one ah?) in a J CO donut Q. oooh, and yeah, like pea, i like my donuts PLAIN, or with a slight powdering of cinnamon at best. however, feel free to Q for me, buy some and convert me.

  10. I still haven't try J Co yet. Gr..If Krispy Kreme come out anytime soon, I don't thing I'll buy J Co already.

  11. j2kfm - Ya lor, look at the craze for roti boy and chicken floss buns. Theres only Big Apple, Dunkin and J.Co to choose from. Slim pickings really.

    Arh, I wouldn't know Pea. I just eat them. :-)

    FBB & Simon - Nice try FBB! Honestly, you're really not missing out on much. I don't think Krispy Kreme is that fantastic either. What is nice about KK are the flavours (not so tacky) and the packaging! My favourite is actually the sugar-dusted donut at San Francisco Coffee.

  12. I bought ONE Jco donut..and the guy gave me a funny look too. He kept saying "1 dozen" and we said no.. "just 1" that went out for 3 times!
    I tried the Oreos one and didnt find it any special..then again, nothing can beat krispy kreme i reckon.


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