A Simple Dinner

Taking a break from my holiday posts, last night I was lucky to be invited to FBB's "Simple Dinner In Honour for Fellow Food Bloggers". If you look at the menu above, it was anything but simple. As usual, the food was in abundance, the company fantastic and the conversation was soon in the gutter. There is something carnal and sensual about people getting together to feast on each other. Food! Oops, I mean food! Corks were popped and nipples were flashed. It was a regular hedonistic roman orgy but mainly from the way we gorged on the food and not the other things that are usually er...practised at an orgy. Dang! 

We kicked things off with roast lamb, tortilla wraps, tabouleh and a cheese platter. There was a wonderfully tacky apricot cheese, when eaten with a Ritz cracker reminds me of Julie's cheese sandwich biscuits. Lovely! I must remember to ask FBB for the cheese. I like my junk food tacky! The lamb was lovely with the tabouleh but I saved room for the smorgasbord to come. So much food, so little stomach came to mind. After putting on weight from Perth and working hard at the gym this week, I was reluctant to indulge. Having said that, I still managed a small portion of nasi lemak with the added flavour of crispy siu yoke, creamy chicken pie and four different desserts. Thank you Allan for saving me some calories! Nigel and Allan brought some meringue nests and filled it with mango, lime juice and basil. It was sweet and refreshing. FBB's failed pavlova was still lovely. I didn't mind the chewy texture and I love the slivers of jackfruit among the passionfruit and strawberries (cut expertly by Lyrical Lemongrass) which was a nice surprise. The youngun's left disappointingly early, leaving me and Kenny to represent the under 30's (err, I'm just a couple of years over, so it still counts). Thank you FBB for being such a gracious and biatch of a host. 


  1. Had to worklah next morning...Hee Hee. Heard you guys stayed till one?

  2. Yahoo! You're the first to blog about it! And I'd be the last, probably, cos I'll wait for all your photos to nick from, hehe. (What? Floggers do take better photos, ma...)

    I still cannot believe we ate that much last night... FBB is a champion of a host, man...

  3. snigger......you did well paps (vis a vis staying back and representing that chiselled taufu generation)...definitely made it to the next round of invitees...

  4. I MISSED ALL THAT!!! Sniff! Sniff Oh well, family first. FBB sure knows how to throw a party! Glad you're one of the ones who stayed up all nite to parttttty.

  5. haha unkaleong, don't worry, kenny and I held up the fort. :-)

    You know! That one night blew my gym efforts out of the water. Sigh...

    Yaaaay! Thank you, thank you. I will have some whisky with you next time!

    Psst, actually we were scared that FBB was going to stab us with the butter knife if we tried to leave as he seemed rather animated after several glasses of whisky! haha

  6. aiseh, wat to do..had to be driver..let me redeem myself for the next one..so err when is the next one?

  7. Wow! that sure looks like a spread. good on u FBB and lucky u paprika!

    I have also been reading your finds in Perth. Nicely done. Good on u to go to other places. Will want to check out the blue duck myself!

  8. Oh my, u call this simple dinner?
    The spread is like...Hmm...A lot?
    FBB, next time host me too? *lol*
    If and only if im in KL lah~

  9. Lovely dinner indeed...FBB never fail to impress. Err..gulp...meaning i won't be invited to the next? Aiyer..should have stayed 5 mins longer than the rest. HAHAH!

  10. Er Joe, you better go butter up FBB. Perhaps a cup of tea or whisky may help...

    Hey Daphne, let me know what you think! You must have the squid. Yummy! You might want to try the other restaurant next to blue duck. That was heaving and a little cheaper.

    With a pinch of love -Thank you thank you! Calorie-free when feasting visually!

    Jojo, hard to be on a diet in KL! Yes, simple dinner my butt.

    Pea - I know, was soooo full. Hopefully we;ll be invited to the next one eh!

  11. Under 30 my foot. Ptoooi!

  12. wow, what a feast. you guys really indulged in such a 'simple' meal. :)


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