My Best Friend's Wedding

I've been in Perth for over a week now and I've eaten far too much. I suddenly remember last night that it was in Perth two years ago that I experienced heart burn for the first time. Did that stop me? Yes, I didn't have gelato that night. I have many delicious posts to catch up on once I am back home but for now, a special post to mark a very special occasion. I'm here for a wedding and its my fourth time as a bridesmaid. Fortunately, I am not superstitious. My bestfriend from school is getting married. Funnily enough, none of us thought she would be the first among us to get married. She never participated in the conversations the rest of us had about our respective fairy tale weddings. Not long after we graduated, she was adamant that de facto was the path she preferred. Everything changed after she met Peter. It was clear from the start that they were each other's missing halves. Peter is kind, patient and laid back while Laura No, I'm just joking. They compliment each other in every way possible.

The day of the wedding, the sky was clear and the weather was warm and breezy. Perfect. The exchange of vows at church made me choke up a few times but I had promised Laura that I wouldn't cry and set off a chain reaction among the bridal party. She looked so beautiful and was radiating with happiness. We then spent the whole afternoon taking pictures in East Perth. All the groomsmen were tall and dashing, that made smiling for 2 and half hours a lot more bearable. The wedding reception was held at The Sheraton. Despite a few bumps, which included Sheraton giving away the bridal suite therefore we had to have our r & r at the lift foyer(!), the night kicked off with much love and warmth.
I have to blog about dinner of course. We started off with a roast duck salad with saffron gnocchi and baby spinach in a tomato and red wine sauce and a drizzle of truffle oil. The duck and salad was quite nice but the gnocchi was clumsy and firm. To wash our palates, a lime and tequila sorbet was served. I enjoyed the sorbet but could not taste even the barest trace of tequila. I enjoyed Hunky's chicken confit which I exchanged with my steamed salmon fillet. It sounds lacklustre but who knew salmon fillet could taste so nice steamed? It was served with sauteed scallops which were overcooked and a cannelini bean and leek puree which was lovely with the fish. I just prefered the chicken because it reminded me of Red Rooster. I don't know if the Chef would be insulted but for me, it was lurvely! Dessert was a soft baked limoncello brulee garnished with fresh fruit salad and mascarpone ice cream. Again, it was definitely lemony but I think they forgot the cello. I was a bit concerned that the ice cream wasn't melting but then I realised it had mascarpone in it. I thought it was a too heavy with the brulee. Then again, knowing Laura, she would've insisted as creamy and rich as possible!

In between, Laura's dad brought the house down with his entertaining account of the blossoming of the bride and groom's relationship. Followed by Peter's dad's somewhat saucy speech! I think the 5 speeches were the best I've heard in a long time. Everyone kept it short and sweet and kept to the subject matter ie. the couple. With my feet aching and sides splitting, we took the final few snaps, bid the happy couple good night and fell into exhausted slumber back at our hotel.

Thank you Laura and Peter for letting us be apart of your special day. Congratulations and bon voyage!


  1. Awww... this is such a sweet post. I can't wait for my own turn to witness my best friend's wedding. (But who would man enough to handle The Diva? Lol.)

  2. for a moment i thought it will turn out to be like the movie...joking, haha!

    oh, steamed salmon is definitely not lacklustre. the moist/flaky texture is lovely!

  3. Congratulations to your best friend!

  4. awww.. that's so sweet! I love the look of that cake. Hopefully the food at our wedding will be as good as what u had. We are holding ours at Bells Function.

    U r in Perth? hehee. Keep the food up!

  5. Enjoy your stay in Perth aye? Blog on any good food u can find in it!

  6. I know what you mean, it is a wonderful feeling witnessing your bestie walking down the aisle. Saw the photos you took in Perth. So pretty and lots of fun too! look great in that dress and that hairstyle. ;)

  7. First time see wedding dinner serves fine dining food. Wished wedding here will also do like that.


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