44 King Street

Back in the day, King Street was the place to shop in Perth. Well, the only place to shop really. Fast forward to present day, its still the place to go for designer goodies. Today Gucci, Tiffany's and Louis Vuitton have chosen to open on this street. Its no wonder that the prices at 44 King Street Cafe are a little inflated. It remains as charming today as it did then. I love the wooden floors, the huge wooden bar and the smell of freshly ground coffee as you walk in.

Hunky and I had been there the day before for coffee and a slice of blueberry and white chocolate tart. It wasn't too sweet and the blueberries were juicy and tart. We caught a peek at the breakfast menu and Hunky decided that we were coming back with CW the next day. We caught the free CAT bus from our hotel and took a nice walk down Murray Street down to King Street. The weather was perfect the whole time we were there except for that one freaky Monday when it rained from morning til the evening. It rained so much that day, it made the whole month's quota! The rest of the time it was warm with blue skies and plenty of sunshine.

It did not start off too well as our waitress was Eastern European and not particularly friendly. I asked for low-fat milk and she did not understand me. She offered me a decaf instead. CW nearly thumped her on the head when she had to repeat her order three times. Huh, and people complain about service in Malaysia. Hah! Hunky ordered mushrooms on brioche with Swiss cheese while CW had bacon, mushrooms and eggs. I liked Hunky's brioche, the mushroom and cheese was the perfectly indulgent way to start the day! CW's bacon was massive. I love that the bacon here is not streaked with fat. Its good to be able to taste the actual meat.

I had eggs benedict with apple smoked salmon fillet. I hadn't read the menu properly and was expecting slivers of smoked salmon. Imagine my astonishment when a slab of salmon arrived on my plate smothered in hollandaise. Golden creamy goodness oozed from the yolks increasing my chances of heart disease by 60%. The smoked salmon, as with most other smoked salmon fillets I've had, was very "smokey". It was detracting and reminded me a little like eating out of an ashtray. It wasn't entirely unpleasant but it was definitely something that takes a while to get use to. Overall, its worth a visit just to watch people walking by. Be prepared to pay.


  1. i think i might have skipped a beat at ur breakfast...wait..ok still beating lively and well..

    smoked salmon by the block? i think i am goin to perth nxt time round..

  2. mmm love those bacon!!!

  3. Holy moly! Now this is what I call Breakfast! Breakfast of Champions, even. Eh, the bits of greens seem somewhat of an afterthought, no? What with all the lovely artery-clogging greasy goodness...

    They all look so good... I'd love to have a Triple Platter with all of them on it... and that's just breakfast, mind you... :P

  4. bacon looks amazing! dun mind one whole week of eating this stuff. reli so smoked til taste like ashtray??? *_*

  5. Mamamia~ Looks at the glory of the runny yolk!!!

  6. Skip a beat like falling in love? :-)

    Babe, I love your luncheon meat post!

    Ah Kenny, a man after my own heart. Now if only we could switch bodies so I could eat and eat and eat and not put on weight! Sigh that would be bliss!

    j2kfm, I'm paying for it now! :-(. Yes, it was super smokey! hahaha. Well, its nice after you get over the initial shock.

    jojo, glorious ain't it?! makes me want to cry happy tears!

  7. hmmmph, i feel like a catholic priest reading about the joys of sex...
    fat load of good posting about something in POITH, ....like i can just hop onto the next plane and go and try.....

  8. Well you could. Jetstar baby yeah!! :-)

    Have a tissue Pea...


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