Welcome 2007!

It’s the first day of the new year and this is my 100th post. I haven’t been in a celebratory mood over the last month. I think all of us start to wind down, reflect on the past year and contemplate the year ahead. I remember ten years ago, my past regrets were something like kissing/not kissing that boy. Hah! My regrets for 2006? I have none. That’s the plus side of growing up. Learning that you are not going to die if someone breaks your heart, that business opportunities are always there for you to find, that being a fatty doesn’t make you less of a hottie and that life is not a race. This year I resolve to take more time - to read, to lose the final 5 kilos that will get me down to my ideal weight, to meditate. And I will also take less time – over thinking. Like Nike says, Just Do It!

Last night, we had a barbecue at the house. Gazza cooked most of the food; cous-cous stuffed peppers, t-bone steak, lamb chops and grilled brandied pineapple. Sis made a pavlova and Horlicks cupcakes. Of course the bbq wouldn't be complete without some bangers and corn. Gazza likes to buy the cheese filled ones. Damn they're lethal! It was the first time I’ve spent new years with kids running around the house. More to come? The boys and babies were very well behaved. Well the babies were fast asleep by 9pm, while the boys busied themselves watching Madagascar in the tv room. At around 11:30 we made our way down to Lang’s shop on Jalan Mesui to watch the fireworks from the roof top. It was nice watching the fireworks through the kids eyes. They were so excited and happy. Standing there on the roof, I feel good about the new year. At 00:30 the first of hopefully many wonderful moments came along. My close friend in Oz announced that her boyfriend proposed and they are now engaged! Yaaaay! I am so happy for them. Its a good thing I am not superstitious as it will my fourth time as bridesmaid! Happy New Year everyone! I wish all of you a fantastic new year filled with greatness, gratitude and gastronomical delights!


  1. Happy New Year! Looks like it was a good party with fireworks thrown in.


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