One Rainy Evening

I’ve been meaning to try Max! ever since I read a review in one of the society mags. I also keep hearing rave reviews of the place so that just built up the anticipation even more. And we all know that so much anticipation usually never leads to a good thing. So last night, quite unexpectedly, Homo and I ended up at Max!. It was close to 9pm and the rain still wasn’t letting up after two hours. All the restaurants were relatively quiet. Fortunately for us, that meant we were able to get a table immediately.

The first thing we both noticed was how bright it was. We were seated near the kitchen were Max was cooking. I liked the balsamic they served with the bread. Good quality stuff! The menu was nice and short. Although I remember Boolicious recommending the shiraz braised wagyu cheeks, I couldn’t resist ordering the cod with lemon butter sauce, artichokes and mash. Homo and I ordered scallops starter to share. At (rm25++) we thought it was going to be for 2 pieces which would’ve been a bit pricey. But when the dish arrived, we were really impressed there were 5 pieces! It was a pretty looking starter with the scallops sitting in the shell, glistening with olive oil dressing. The texture was not quite right. They were soft and not springy. As for the taste, it was light and subtle.

My cod was cooked perfectly (rm40++). The meat was moist and fell of in beautiful chunky flakes. The portion was just nice. There was very little mash so I didn’t end up feeling sick because both fish and sauce are so rich already. Homo’s lamb rack (rm60++) was really delicious- very juicy, fragrant and tender. He finished it all before I could ask him for another bite. We didn’t stay for very long after because we both found the ambience not very inviting. Think the lighting is too flat. Anyway we went off to Palate Palette for dessert because I love their toasted carrot cake. Best I’ve tasted because its unlike traditional carrot cake. This one is light with finely grated carrot you can actually taste and I like the thin crisp coat from it being toasted. Mmmmm!


  1. Hmmmm, sounds like you didn't really like it so much? I guess it's true what they say abt too much anticipation.

    we ate at Palate Palette, pretty good stuff. haven't tried their carrot cake but I like their mushroom capuccino soup plus their eclectic designs. I can imagine their lounge to be a great place to hang out at night when it's opened next mth.

  2. huh? boo, i thought she sounds quite satisfied wat. aiyo, i mustttttt try soon.

    where's palate palette? what a clever name

  3. oh, aand what was it that was toasted in the carrot cake?

  4. haro haro. I wasn't blown away by the meal but I wasn't disappointed either. Ok lor I guess. I will definitely go again to try the other stuff. As for Palate Palette, its in between Sticky Fingers and Light Works on Jalan Mesui. The carrot cake is cut like thick bread slices and the surface is toasted so it has a nice crisp texture before you get to the moist carroty bit. I also like the giant dollop of cream cheese which I mistook for ice cream the first time I had it!


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