2 Birds With 1 Stone

Last Saturday I headed over to Magnificent Fish & Chip Shop for some fish and chips. My sister has been 5 times in two weeks. Safe to say, she loves it. I like the look and masculine feel of the restaurant. There is something quite lovely about it and it stands out on the street. I love the black and white chequered floor, the dark blue walls with the wooden bar and benches. They’ve also retained a wooden partition from the Chinese antique shop that was there before. And have incorporated some kopi tiam tables and chairs to complete the look.

The menu is written out on black board and it starts with the basic dory ($20++) to black cod ($42++). I ordered the parrot fish ($32++) and my friends had dory. The dory is pretty good but the parrot fish is definitely better because it’s meatier and falls off in flakes. The tartare sauce that they serve with the fish is superb. Just as well because the malt vinegar that they have there is not pungent enough. The chips are super soggy but they are not proper chips. I think they've been pre-boiled and then fried very quickly. It doesn't have that nice crisp coat that chips are suppose to have. If you don’t want to have battered fish, there are also grilled options. The mushy peas are buttery but not enough peas for my liking. We also shared some battered chicken sausages ($18). I must say that they were pretty good considering they were chicken. Who woulda thunk? We didn’t realise they came with chips though so we had a whole plate of wasted chips. They don’t have any desserts right now so if you order any, they will come from Relish.

Right next door to Magnificent is Baan 26. It is a starck contrast with its soft and feminine shades of pistachio green and purple. Homos and I had dinner there last Friday. I was late so they had ordered without me. I was hoping for some serious, no-nonsense homecooked Thai food but alas, it was not meant to be. The menu comprised mainly of popular Thai dishes (think green curry, tom yum, basil chicken) with various dishes from South East Asia sticking out like sore thumbs. Cantonese noodles, Medan fried rice, Nyonya asam prawn and freaking kangkung belacan. I was willing the give it the benefit of the doubt. Eventhough the signboard outside and the name clearly suggests Thai food. Its ok, I'll go with the flow.

Don’t be fooled by the cheap prices because the portions are dismal. The stir-fried baby kalian with oyster sauce was all of 4 sprigs, I kid you not. I enjoyed the fried homemade bean curd. It was nice and crispy on the outside and smooth and wobbly on the inside. We also had deep fried buttered squid. That was very tasty but you can hardly go wrong with deep fried AND buttered can you? The basil leaf spicy chicken is cheap at $12.90++ but then there were only 6 tiny slivers of chicken in there.
To give you an indication on how cheap the food is here, the most expensive item are prawns which costs a mere $22.90++. Thats not cheap you say? It bloody well is on Changkat Bukit Bintang. There is no wow factor but if you want a cheap meal around this street, this is where you want to be. Alternatively, walk up the road towards Jalan Alor and you'll find a cheap and cheerful, perhaps slightly dodgy depending on the hour of your arrival, Thai coffee shop.


  1. I like Paul and the sausages at The Maginificent Fish and Chip Shop but I find that if you ditch the snob factor of dining out on that road and head down to any suburban mall, Fish & Co's fish and chips are quite the best I've had in this country. Yes - they far outdo the magnificence claimed by the one downtown. Crisp battered dory and proper chips dusted with cayenne and a choice of tartare, chilli relish and (for some strange reason) freshly chopped garlic await as dips. If you opt for a set, it comes flanked with a fizzy passion fruit drink, a more emulsified but less cream-dunked fish chowder than Prime's Boston clam, and the epitome of tack - a scoop of starwberry ice cream - it only costs RM19.90 and makes the experience of dining to mall-music almost as bearable as dining and inhaling the fumes of passing traffic on Ceylon.

  2. Hmmmm, thxs for the tip on this. Incidentally we love Neroteca which we checked out after I read yr blog. Do try Max at Tengkat TongShin - excellent stuff which we keep coming back for.

  3. you mean this is local ah? your $ gave me the idea it was in singapore...

  4. Yea I'm still waiting to for my Cuz to go dine at Max! with me. I've heard good things about the place. I think I might just go by myself for lunch one day.

    Hey fatboy, let me know when you need me to "help" you with some food tasting ya? :-)

  5. Butty Boy3:59 am

    I thought the chips at the Magnificent were, er, rather Magnificent. Good selection of fish as well from what I could see and lots of other stuff which I haven't tried yet.

    Did you go upstairs? There's quite a cool lounge-type area that would be great for a function. (If only I had one to organize/celebrate!)

    Anyhow, Happy Eating!


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