Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lok Lok

This was the lok lok stall on Lorong Carnivon. We were all impressed by the sign which reads "Please Dip In Once Only". I haven't had lok lok in years. I think the last time was probably outside Echo with a drunken Sabby. She loves her innards. That woman should be on fear factor. Lok Lok for me was always about the fishball and quail's eggs. Kiddy stuff. Dad loved his junk food. We'd go down to Cathay Cinema on Bukit Bintang where they had the best ramly burgers, stuffed tofu pok, crispy grilled cuttlefish with ha gou and lok lok stall of course. We'd go watch inappropriate movies such as The Omen and Killing Fields. I was not even 10. I liked hearing the crunch of kwa chee as you shuffle your way to your seat but I definitely do not miss the rats running past your legs. The cinema is long gone and it was 8 years on Sunday that Dad left us for the long bar in heaven. Cheers dad, may you be at peace wherever you are...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Low Fat, Low Taste, Lo Fun...

There is something wrong with the blogger server. I am unable to upload any photos which kinda defeats the purpose of my blog. You know what else is seriously wrong? Low fat mayonaise. What is that all about? I bought my first (and last) tub of low fat mayonaise recently. My trainer already warned me about Praise low fat mayo so I got the Weight Watcher's 98% fat-free, chemically-rebonded one instead. It promised full flavour without the guilt. Hah! I knew the moment I opened the jar that it was doom! The first whiff I got was one that resembled industrial paint. Now that can't be good. The taste? Bloody awful! But fatties can't be choosy. Besides, I used just a dollop to the can of tuna. Add liberal amounts of black pepper, scatter some capers and abundance of finely sliced red onion and one can barely taste the mayonaise. Barely. I curse this diet! I curse my fat genes!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Where is Julia?

It’s hard to stick to a diet when you’re with family. Part of the joy of being a family is sitting down to a hearty meal and sharing the experience together. I was in Penang with the family for the weekend. My diet flew out the window somewhere along the plus highway, near Taiping. Family trips will not be the same again with the 2 additional members. Especially at this stage when they can only eat, cry, sleep and shit in their pants. Not very sociable at all and not to mention grating on the nerves for someone with as much maternal instinct as a cucumber.

My bimbo sister told us to meet her at Julia Street. After asking some of the locals, I realised we were actually looking for Chu Lia Road. We visited an old haunt of my parents during their dating heydays. Sin Kheang Aun on Chu Lia Lane. It’s a quaint old coffee shop that has some seriously good home cooking. The chicken chop was fantastic! It’s a bit like a katsudon but without the rice. Crispy, eggy and chuppy. Mmm comfort food. We got to Lone Pine about 4pm. It was drizzling and perfect for a nap. I woke up in time to have a shower, watch a bit of tv and go out for dinner. All 7 of us piled in Gazza's handy Toyota-someting-or-rather, drove back into town and found a short row of stalls on the corner of Lorong Carnarvon and Chu Lia Road. We had the most delicious or chien! Unlike those nasty ones that are wet, slimy and gelatinous, this one has crispy edges and small, sweet oysters.

For dessert, my brother bought 30 apom! It was just as good as the ones we used to have for supper in Ipoh near Canning Gardens. My late father would round up the kids and we’d hop into the car in our pajamas to go buy apom. We’d buy 50 or 60 at one go and we never had any left by the time we got home. Ah, memories. The ones in KL are not even worth mentioning but I will tell you that apom is not meant to taste sour! After a very satisfying meal we popped in Bangan for a drink. Turns out Camelia was launching her new album. Luckily, we knew someone who knew someone and it was free drinks for everyone! I feel very at home at Bangan. Its very gay. The gay man's answer to 32 perhaps. The menu looks promising. I guess I will have to go again with my friends one day.

The next morning, we had a long, lazy breakfast while the babies went on pony rides. With their respective parents of course. After that I slapped on SPF45 on the dark one and 0SPF for the fair one and took them swimming. It was actually quite overcast so the babies didn't swim for very long. Neither did we because the pool got invaded by Chinese men trying to play volleyball (in a L-shaped lap pool) in their khaki shorts and leather belts?!?! Before we left lovely and charming Penang, we stopped to have char kway teow at Lorong Selamat. Still as good as before. Aunty is still there in her red beret. I marvel at her tenacity and composure as she barely breaks a sweat while frying up a storm. I was sweating just standing in queue! I have to kow tow to her.

That was the end of the trip. Short, sweet and fattening. Bye bye Penang, until next time!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Red Eggs

It was my niece's 1st birthday on Sunday. Sis made her a barbie doll cake which we all couldn't wait to eat! I love birthdays. I am always happy to celebrate my birthday whether it is a week long affair (one time back in 1997 or 98) or a quiet one at home with my family. What’s not to be happy about? Every year is an achievement since we were born to die. Morbid? I’ll tell you what morbid is, the pharmacist at Guardian when I asked him if the medicine was guaranteed to work. He told me the only thing in life that is guaranteed is that we are all going to die! Yea happy day to you too!

When I was young(-er!), Mum would make a big occasion of our Chinese birthdays. She’d pick me up from school and announce that it was my Chinese birthday and we would have the traditional meal of red eggs, min sin tong and chicken drumstick. I relished every bite. There is something so hearty and wholesome about the clear chicken broth, rice noodles and red eggs. I guess as a child, I was naturally drawn to the bright red colour of the eggs. I liked peeling the egg and discovering the crackle of red streaking through the smooth opaque flesh of the egg. Alas, after 4 children and many, many birthdays later, mum has ceased to celebrate our birthdays. Good news is that we can do this all over again in two weeks when my nephew turns 1! So good that they that they don't have much teeth so I have to eat the drumstick for them. Awww...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Organically Yours...

I've been lusting after Hope & Greenwood's chocolate after reading about it in Vogue UK last year. I sent an email immediately to Hunky but alas, he could not find it even after I gave him the list of distributors! Finally, about a month ago, Hunky sent me a surprise package with all the flavours available! Treacle Tart, Rhubarb & Ginger Crumble and Jam Roly Poly. This is seriously good chocolate. I've never made chocolate last so long before! Especially now that I am on a diet.

Yes, this greedy rabbit needs to look good for a wedding. It hasn't been too bad but then again, its only been 3 days! So I don't think there will be many things to blog about. Unless I start comparing muesli and protein bars. Yucks.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Forgotten Pleasures

On Sunday, somewhere between the 3 CSI's, I found myself in Bangsar with Lian. What turned out to be a quest for cake became a 3-course meal at Bon Bon. It remains a mystery how they have managed to survive. I blame it on the feng shui because the food really is very good and good value for money. Cuz and I went there many times for breakfast before we migrated next door. I liked that it was so quiet. I know its not good for business but it was like a secret place I discovered and don't want to share with people. These days you will find us at Delicious. I'm just waiting for someone to open a Bill's here. Mmmm, can't wait to go to Sydney in January! Please don't ever try the ricotta hotcakes at Westin. Its not even remotely close to what ricotta hotcakes should taste like!
The corn beef hash was excellent as usual. See, I don't understand why Alexis can't sort out their corn beef hash. Its owned by the same bloody person! The corn beef was crispy in places and soft in others. I could have buckets of the stuff! We also shared the grilled beef rib, caramelised onion & tomato sandwich with honey mustard sauce on ciabatta. Delicious. The only thing disappointing was the blueberry pancakes with honeycomb butter and aged balsamic strawberries. I think we were both expecting something a lot closer to what they serve at Bill's in Sydney. Oh well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Finally got to revisit Vansh last Friday with some friends. The tagline reads, Suprisingly Indian. We're not sure why because the dishes seemed mostly traditionally Indian. There were a couple of dishes which didn't seem like they belong I guess, like the kulzza (a naan that thinks its a pizza). I had the lady lassi because I'm a lady! Its just a strawberry lassi lah. Nice, just the right amount of sweetness and consistency. We ordered a dish each and although they were all very good, the clear winner was definitely the lamb cooked with spinach. The lamb added so much more intensity to the dish. The meat was tender and full of flavour. The palak paneer just paled in comparison. The tiger prawns were not very good at all. They were not fresh and just tasted bland. The green mango paste was interesting! I found it a little strange but everyone else enjoyed it. For dessert we had strawberry kulfi and gulab jamun, rice dumplings with cardamom syrup served in a martini glass. It was tooth-achingly sweet but so delicious. I also liked the honey and sundried tomato kulzza although the nuts did creep me out a bit. Yes, they all had a good laugh as I turned the bread upside down so I didn't have to look at it. Can't help it. Its from grooming tick-infested dogs when I was a kid. Can't stand to look at things that remind me of them now. Shudder!

Sawadee Doodee

I woke up this morning, had my cheese bun and went to the gym. I especially felt inspired to go after the damn cheese bun from Bread Story. Terrible terrible stuff!! Its so deliciously bad for you! So cheesy, sweet and oily all at the same time. Ugh. Anyway, it was rocket fuel for 5km on the x-trainer. Can you believe I only managed to burn 420 calories according to the machine. I think that was only half a bun. Sigh... Met up with Cuz for lunch. Have been meaning to try Doodee for awhile now. Its a homey cafe located a few doors down from No Black Tie. Good thing we got there early because it filled up very quickly as the office crowd came pouring in. Its a charming little cafe with pale green walls with splashes of Thai silk here and there. A Thai lady came round with a tray displaying bowls of various dishes on offer today. There are no menus. The rice set lets you pick three of the dishes on display and includes a drink. I chose the noodle set after she reassured me there was no ajinomoto in the soup. There may not have been ajinomoto but there was enough fish sauce in there to make soup for a family of 20! I liked cuz's rice set better. Its the same price as chap fahn but you get ambience, air con and a drink. All that for RM6.50. I have a feeling cuz and I will be meeting there for lunch again soon.

The WL4 President's Annual Dinner

Last Saturday we celebrated Super Lian's birthday at Imbi Palace. Talk about deja vu! She wanted exactly the same menu as the last time. Didn't we all overeat and feel sick that time? Huh. Guess we are like goldfish. We forget and just keep on eating. The deepfried aubergine with pork floss in the four seasons platter was utterly divine and incredibly addictive! Its so bloody crispy that it doesn't even taste like aubergine anymore. Its a good thing we were going to have a 7-course meal so I didn't gorge myself on it. I want to buy it by the kilos, sit infront of the tv and just keep popping those evil things into my arteries. The old melon soup didn't have as much seafood as I remembered. The peking duck was still good but there just wasn't enough skin on that poor duck for us fatties. The tiered-pork was done differently this time. This one was stewed in claypot and just didn't have that oily, caramelised sweetness that is needed for dunking fried buns in. I didn't even bother eating the tofu. What a waste of space! The birthday noodles were very...economical! Where were the noodles?! I'm convinced they used all the noodles for the birthday and wedding going on outside. We were also entertained throughout dinner by a drunken uncle singing Hokkien hits on the karaoke machine. For dessert we had ice cream cake from Haagen Daz. Strawberry and chocolate! It was so hard that the waitress had to help us chop it up. And those seashells on the cake? Those aren't Guylian. Hmmph!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Don't Do-me No More!

I didn't think it possible to have bad pastry in Australia. After all, most of our produce are imported from Oz. Lem was craving cake and ordered the cookies and cream cheesecake at Dome. The cake was artificial in taste and gelatinous in texture. It was dis-gus-ting! Com'on its cheesecake for fucks sake! Its not rocket science! The coffee was weak and luke warm. I'm just glad to know that Dome is universally shite. I wonder if they have crappy eggs benedict too. On the right is a picture of my eggs benedict the Blue Water Grill. A far cry from the egg mcmuffin they serve at Dome! Ptooi! Lem also made me eat bad cake at The Merchant. They have several outlets now so I'm guessing they probably get their sweets from a supplier. We had what was supposed to be a vanilla slice. Its a bit sussed when cut into the cake with your fork and the pastry doesn't buckle. The whole thing is supposed fall apart because the custard is supposed to be light and fluffy! (Pictured above centre is the cake display at The Merchant at Harbourtown). I guess the grass ain't greener on the other side after all. The cakes at Bakerzin, Angel Cake House and Secret Recipe are faaaaar better than those that I sampled in Perth this time round. You know, I'm just going to bake my own cakes because even if they don't turn out well, it will be a lot less disappointing.