Oriental Cravings

Every Sunday after our climb, Rafs and I look forward to having lunch at Oriental Cravings. Previously we had always gone to Delicious or Dragon I but a couple of months back my sister asked us to meet her there for lunch. We have been back almost every week since. Whats not to like right? Simple home cooking and they serve pork. We usually have a bowl of seafood noodles each and pork curry with toast to share. I love the seafood noodles for the pork-filled fish balls. They say they don't use msg but I suspect they do. Especially in their soup noodles. I always find my throat a little dry after but its tolerable. As for the pork curry, its typical Chinese-style curry. Very light on the spices and more lemak than anything. Oh what better way to enjoy it than dunking toasted white bread to soak up all the oil. Lurveleeee. The deepfried tofu with minced pork is also very nice. Crisp on the outside but still soft and smooth on the inside. Haven't tried many other things on the menu because we always ask for the daily specials. There was one time when they had pork rib and ham choy curry. Wow, that was really nice. It was not as rich as their usual curry and the ham choy rounded up the flavours nicely. I don't have a picture of the food but I have a picture of my nephew on that fateful day when we first pledged our love for seafood noodles!


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