Last night on the tuk tuk ride, I was inspired to spin tales of horror and gore by the inky blackness that enveloped us all the way back to the resort. They must’ve been quite good because I gave Rafs goosebumps. It also helped that our resort really did look haunted and deserted. So we were relieved to find that there were other people at breakfast the next morning. No breakfast buffer at this resort, but you can choose between the continental, local and American set. Being the hogs that we are, we ordered the American of course. Fruit, koko crunch, eggs, bacon, ham, sausages, croissant and coffee. What a nice start to the day!

The sun was blazing when we went to meet Kuching and Will for lunch at Patong. Will was having a massage so we took the opportunity to wander around. It has changed so much. It has been close to 9 years since my last trip. There were parts that were rebuilt after the tsunami. Much bigger and cleaner. It’s still sleazy of course. When we were weaving through the lanes, we came across many bars with sun-burnt kwai lohs with paunches slumped over the bar while tiny Thai women in hot pants and platform heels flicked their hair and danced around them. Same ol’, same ol’.

Will was done and we all met up at Family restaurant. He had ordered grilled tiger prawns, panaeng pork, mussaman chicken, som tam, green curry beef, tom yum and curry crabs. Sounds like a lot for 4 people right? We finished it all! There was nothing left. It’s the sun I tell you! The heat burns up all the fat, therefore need to ingest more fat! Yeah right. We were supposed to meet Ads for sunset drinks at 360 bar.

Unfortunately for us, the sun sets early and quickly in Phuket! We missed it so we went drinking at Laguna instead. It was quiet for a Friday night. We ended up having dinner next door of the pub, Tawai. The tom yum was much nicer than at lunch. This was nice and sour and spicy. We had panaeng pork again because its Will’s favourite. Overall the food was very nice and the owner was a friendly sort. Although I was convinced he was high on something. He gave us a round of grappa and a ride back to our hotel. Good service or wot?


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