No More Please, Really!

When I woke up this morning, all I wanted to eat was a piece of fruit. After all that rich food the day before, I couldn't bear the thought of eating anything. That was until Cuz called to tell me she wanted to take me to Prime for lunch. Damn! I think I head my stomach scream "Blue murder!" but then again, my hearing is a bit off lately. So I threw caution to the wind, how could I pass on such a sumptuous opportunity?

I have to agree with Boolicious over at Masak-Masak that the bread and assorted butters are fab-u-lust! Todays bread were corn and pinenut and a tomato and chilli powder bread. We had truffle butter, plain butter and herb butter to spread on the lovely warm bread before us. There was some confusion over the truffle butter earlier as the waitress had told us that it was anchovy butter. I was thinking to myself, wow my taste buds are really overstimulated as this anchovy thing plus the corn bread makes it all taste like mushroom. Duh... Anyway I really liked the butter but limited myself to a slice each as Cuz had ordered so much food. We shared the pacific clam chowder and Australian blue crab cakes with aioli and mango salsa. The clam chowder was delicate in flavour and I liked that it was not thickened with potatoes. At the same time, its a little too creamy for my taste. The crab cakes reminded me of woo kok except that this was potato and crab. I think its that slightly sweet and deep fried taste that made me think of that particular dim sum. Anyway, it didn't blow me away but I was impressed by the generous portion of crab. Its a nice starter for those who like fried food.
We had three sauces to go with our steaks; bernaise (a must!), port wine reduction and caramalised shallot and balsamic. I have to say, I was not impressed by the sauces. The bernaise was disappointing and tasted floury while the other two tasted so similar, I couldn't tell them apart. Just as well because the steaks! Wow, the steaks... They definitely did not need any sauce. Infact, the sauces merely detracts from the robust meaty flavour of the steaks. We shared the 200 day Australian Black Angus fillet mignon and Argentinian Cabana Las Lilas (grass fed). I thought the Australian was juicier and tastier but that could've been due to the fact that the Argentinian was over done. I asked for medium and it was practically well done. I mean, they were both excellent but the Australian was just that much better for me.
We also had truffle mash potato, creamed spinach with garlic and onion rings on the side. The mash potato is evil! My god, its so rich, creamy and addictive. I'm so glad I only tried it at the end, so I only had a little bit because there was hardly any left! I did not like the spinach. It didn't taste anything like spinach. As for the onion rings, I could've sworn they came from Burger King! Nothing to shout about, Awesome Blossom at Chilli's still rocks!

The two piglets that I was with insisted on having dessert. My motto is "there is always room for dessert" but this rabbit was about to burst! They went ahead and ordered the baked alaska and sticky date pudding anyway. The baked alaska was bad. It was rock hard on the inside. I couldn't get to really taste it as it was frozen solid. The sticky date pudding was not as sweet as I expected which was nice. And the straciatella gelato with red currants was a nice touch. Oh, the butterscotch sauce was very dreamy. I coul've just had the gelato and butterscotch sauce. And since we were already passed the point of no return, I had a coffee that came with a giant slab of what looked like biscotti and amaretti marriage. It had the texture of amaretti which was nice but it was flavoured with chocolate instead. To top it all off, they even piped chocolate ganache on top. So, here I am, its dinner time and I am still full. No more! My stomach cannot take it!


  1. Another feast! Yeah, the best part of it all was the butters and the steak. Our tiramisu was dismal - even I could have done better.

  2. Rabbit, this place sounds so good I think we need to go again and checkit out. What do you say?

  3. I thought you'd never ask! Yes please!

    Boo, I guess desserts are not their strong point!


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