Christmas Feast

Merry Merry Christmas! What a scorcher of a day! We had a mini feast at the family home. Turkey, roast pork, ham, pavlova, bread and butter pudding, crab salad, red cabbage, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes and vegetables. And Raffles was worried there wouldn’t enough food! Not in this house baby! We bought the turkey from Larisata and Gazza bought ham from Carre Four which disappeared very quickly. Mum made her famous roast pork with mushroom sauce and pineapple sauce. Sis made pavlova with redcurrants and blackberries. She also made crab salad with wasabi mayonnaise after being inspired by Nigella. I didn’t get round to making the chocolate cherry trifle but I made a sinfully rich bread and butter pudding with brandy cream instead. Slurp! It was nice having all my friends over. Even when their kids tear up and down the house terrorising the dogs and setting bad examples for the toddlers! Oh well, it was definitely some sort of festive cheer. We ploughed through the food only stopping to ingest alcohol in the form of white port which I brought with me from Porto. It was so hot and we were so full, we were like fat geckos plastered to the chairs on the veranda. We managed to pick ourselves up and watched the kids (big ones and small ones) tear open presents. There were tears as the small kids fought over presents and whoops of laughter from the big kids as we popped cheap crackers that didn’t go pop. What a lovely day, a perfect Christmas!
Below, my niece enjoying her Christmas meal before all the vultures arrived.


  1. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year Paprika. The bread and butter pudding sounds delish and tis the season for pavlovas as I also made one for Xmas day.


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