Christmas Feast Pt.2

On Saturday night, Camp 5 had a Christmas party for their staff and members. I was fortunate enough to be invited, to feast on the array of goodies and be entertained by the Camp 5 band. I loved the pretty ginger-spiced cookies, poached pears and cauliflower bake. There were poached chicken, salad, cupcakes, satay and many more that I didn't get round to eat because I was so full from dinner. I can't believe they went to all that effort. Everything was so pretty and picture perfect. It was also nice to see the marshalls, bosses and staff looking so relaxed and enjoying themselves.

We were later entertained by the Camp 5 band that were made up by the younger marshalls. I like young boys but these ones are really young and so talented. Listening to them and reclining in the shadow, all I could think of was "highschool dance"! My god that was a long time ago!
Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. yeah, highschool dances where everyone was too shy to dance with each other - what memories.

    The spread looks yummy esp those iced christmas trees.

  2. You know! I was just waiting for them to play Madonna's "Crazy For You"! hahaha. Nolah, only rock songs. Merry Xmas to you too!


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