Sick As A Dog

All the late nights in Phuket wore my poor body down. Damn, I'm getting old. Three nights of partying, boom! I'm sick! Well, I was already feeling like I was coming down with something the week before I left. It was definitely the haze because when I was in Phuket, I felt so much better. Here are a couple of pictures of my congee lunch. Choy poh omelette, stir-fried lettuce gems and mmmmmui choy kow yoke. Wobbly, glistening, mouth-watering layers of fat. Mmmuuahhhhh... Its meals like these that make being sick almost a good thing. Am off to London tomorrow. Yay! Unfortunately will not have access to computer so will have to compile and collate all the lip-smacking experiences onto paper. Thank goodness I still know how to wield a pen. Barely. Bye bye for now blog!


  1. Have lots of fun in London and we will wait with bated breath for those yummy pixs.

  2. i was sick for a month after my visit to Phuket. sigh.

    feeling better now?

  3. Ola!! Thanks for the msg Boo. Slenzie, feeling much better although am abusing my stomach with rich food in Portugal!


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