Death by Teppanyaki

I really like the foie gras with wintermelon and tofu salad at Zipangu. And since I hadn't ordered either last Friday, I knew I was setting myself up for disappointment. I was surprised that they were not full. I figured there would be heaps of people breaking fast. Mum and I were craving for teppanyaki and we reallu should've gone to Equatorial because at Zipangu they like to jazz up their teppanyaki with bread crumbs and sweet butter sauces. The oyster teppanyaki came off tasting like slimey giant or chien. Gross! I took a photo of my foie gras fried rice which was not as nice as the one at Noble House but it looked very pretty sitting in the lacquer bowl. It was a disappointing meal and mum and I both agreed that it even with the discount card, it was complete waste of time and money.



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