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It was only a matter of time when somebody would open up a gourmet burger place. Just over 3 weeks old now, Relish is the latest restaurant to join the cosy Changkat Bukit Bintang neighbourhood. It has taken over Wine Cottage's lot on the corner between Pampas (formerly Aquavit) and Ceylon Bar (formerly Zino's). Its like a grand scale of musical chairs except with restaurants. Relish borders on being chi chi but thanks to the friendly staff, it becomes a whole lot less pretentious. Who ever heard of friendly wait staff in a posh restaurant? Blasphemous! The decor is minimalistic white with pretty chandeliers hovering over the bar. Upstairs, beautiful deco-esque chandeliers hang from the ceiling and sexy red sofas await the blessed behinds of people who prefer to drink. Good luck with coming down the steep and narrow staircase on teethering stilettos!
My homo and I were pleased that there were 2 different sizes for the burgers. It was in ounces which totally messed with our metric minds. So we did what we had to and ordered the bigger of the two which was a 10 oz. 6 oz just sounded so tiny. I ordered the Aussie-inspired burger which had fried egg, beef bacon, beetroot and pineapple. Homo ordered the smokey bbq. The burger was definitely meaty and moist but it lacked that smokey charred flavour that I love. I aslo felt the homemade tomato relish was just dismal. This one tasted like squashed fresh tomatoes. Disappointing. Its hard for me not to compare this burger to what I had in GBK in London. Except it was real bacon, the beetroot was sweet and the tomato relish was super nice! Homo really enjoyed his burger. I think his bbq sauce gave it the burger the smokey flavour that was missing. Right now the menu is still quite small. I guess they are still testing their customer's tastes. I would still go again. I have faith in the owner and I'm sure they will improve as time goes by. I'm off to London soon, can't wait to eat visit all the gourmet burger places. Yum!


  1. Sounds interesting. Will try to chk it out soon. What kind of prices for the Burgers?

  2. I think it was $27++ for my 10 oz Aussie burger. The prices are fairly steep but it is a gourmet burger place. And fries are a separate order at $5++. On the plus side, drinks are very reasonable.

  3. Anonymous11:46 am

    Yummy! It does look mighty delicioussssss! Can't wait to try it out when I am back in town.

  4. Tried it and the burger was pretty good. Not much choice of desserts - had the apple pie which was nice but not warm enough. Is it opened by an Australian?


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