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Its Saturday night and I’m recovering from the night before with a hot cup of green tea and some bad Jean Claude Van Dumb movie playing in the background. The man has a mullet for goodness sake! Last night a group of us threw our old friend a surprise party in honour of her engagement. Thirteen of us had dinner at Sandias in Medan Damansara. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while now. Authentic Mexican food! Finally! Molé, ceviche and tequila! Bring it on!

It’s a cute little place nestled somewhere in between Piccolo Mondo and Silom. Unfortunate but it definitely means less competition right? The bread they served us at the beginning was really tasty. I love the texture but it would’ve been better with a bit of salt. I can’t believe I am saying that. I had a bite of Datin’s quesadillitas. They were yummy and cheesy! Like curry puff but with cheese and sour cream. Mmmm. I also dug into Boo’s watercress, pears, caramelised nuts and fresh cheese salad with a wild flower honey balsamic dressing. It was quite tasty but something was missing. Not enough cheese and nuts I think. I was disappointed by my soup. It sounded a lot richer and heartier in the description when infact it was kinda watery at best. And the dried chilli was a little strange for me. It was bitter, sour and sharp all at once. The mains proved to be much better. I had the turkey with red almond molé sauce and rice. I loved it. I’ve never had mole before and the taste startling and complex. There were different layers with each bite both familiar and new. The closest thing I can think of it tasting similar to is ha gow but without the prawn-yness. The beef was pretty good too. I'm so glad Dween didn't finish his so I could polish it off. Don't waste food! Dessert was an adventure. There was a really strange cake which tasted like really firm and dry kuih. Turns out it was ciku cake. I guess it must be for them what kuih is to us, traditional tea-time treat that is readily available. The lemon custard cake was good. Not too sweet but syrupy at the same time. The chocolate cake was average. I'm jaded about chocolate cakes (but I would highly recommend Nigella's old fashioned chocolate cake. It is by faaaar one of the best chocolate cakes I've ever tasted).
Anyway, after dinner we headed over to Star KTV around midnight and sang the night away until 3:30am. I am croaking a little bit today. It was a beautiful night with the closest of friends. We drank, we laughed, we teased. I am very happy for soon-to-be-Mrs Lian. I haven't seen her this happy in a long time. I wish her and hubby-to-be the very, very best. Love you long time! xxx


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