Dragon Meat Would Be Tasteless...

...because I am sick. One good think about being sick is that I've completely lost my appetite but somehow Fuzzy still managed to lure me out to dim sum at Shang. I figured I would have some porridge and watch him stuff his face with delicious dim sum. They were really busy, I guess all the other cheap charlies were using their discount cards too! They made us wait for quite awhile and it wasn't until I told Cuz to tell them that I was pregnant and reaaaaally needed to eat that things seemed to speed up a little.

There was no porridge for individuals which made me and my imaginary baby quite cranky. So poor me just had to indulge in some dim sum. They were quite tasty considering my tastebuds were out of whack. We started off with egg tarts which had the faint taste of stale lard. Not attractive but we ate it all up anyway. They were tiny! Next to arrive were the char siu pow and char siu sow. Char siu pow are for kids and it really appeals to the child in me. I am immediately transported back to the turtle pond at Merlin, running after my cousins with my mouth full of pow. The pan-fried turnip cake was more flour cake than turnip. Obviously I made Fuzzy eat all of it. The four treasures cheong fun was very tasty and melt-in-the-mouth. I liked that best, and the har gau. Don't bother with the shanghai dumplings, they were dry and soupless on the inside. What?!
After lunch we went to have coffee at Lemon Garden 2 Go. I had a coffee and macaroon as we pondered about relationships with mothers and friends. How you can never win an argument with or mothers and how some friends share a little too much. The funniest thing was that I bumped into Fuzzy's mum, my Aunt, at the gym. Never one to pull any punches, she started berating me for being too thin and looking "horrible". Gee thanks aunty. Three kilos ago, I needed to lose weight and highlight my hair. Now I am "anorexic", "midget-like" and still need highlights. Ah nothing like family to reduce you to a 5 year old once more. This was like getting caught after we threw our char siu pow into the turtle pond. Sigh..


  1. think the turtle pond was at Merlin i.e. the current Concorde rite? Don't ever remember one in Equatorial.

  2. Oh yes of course, I get confused in my old age. Sigh... Merlin! What a blast from the past!!


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