Red Eggs

It was my niece's 1st birthday on Sunday. Sis made her a barbie doll cake which we all couldn't wait to eat! I love birthdays. I am always happy to celebrate my birthday whether it is a week long affair (one time back in 1997 or 98) or a quiet one at home with my family. What’s not to be happy about? Every year is an achievement since we were born to die. Morbid? I’ll tell you what morbid is, the pharmacist at Guardian when I asked him if the medicine was guaranteed to work. He told me the only thing in life that is guaranteed is that we are all going to die! Yea happy day to you too!

When I was young(-er!), Mum would make a big occasion of our Chinese birthdays. She’d pick me up from school and announce that it was my Chinese birthday and we would have the traditional meal of red eggs, min sin tong and chicken drumstick. I relished every bite. There is something so hearty and wholesome about the clear chicken broth, rice noodles and red eggs. I guess as a child, I was naturally drawn to the bright red colour of the eggs. I liked peeling the egg and discovering the crackle of red streaking through the smooth opaque flesh of the egg. Alas, after 4 children and many, many birthdays later, mum has ceased to celebrate our birthdays. Good news is that we can do this all over again in two weeks when my nephew turns 1! So good that they that they don't have much teeth so I have to eat the drumstick for them. Awww...


  1. Anonymous1:03 am

    the pharmacist sounds like 'george' from 'desperate housewives'. so which guardian is this? would certainly need to bat my eyelashes at him should the need arise to kill my husband.

  2. that's not barbie! she's black!!! did your sis put her in the oven too?!


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